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Source: http://wonderfl.net/c/kkN Q
MIT License

what you can use: pi 3.1415
e = 2.7182
round (x), floor (x), ceil (x)
log (x), exp (x)
sin (x), cos (x), tangent (x) = tgt (x) = tg (x) = tan (x)
abs (x), random, 0 <= random < 1
sqrt (x) = x ^ (1/2)
acos (x), asin (x), atan (x)

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Pretty interesting. And fun. I broke it. y=x^x^sin(x^x) and then tried to explore the graph. The line went off the chart and to the side and didn't come back until I reloaded the program. Why did I want to graph that? Just because. Still really fun and cool graphing tool/gadget. 4/5 8/10

P.s. Also broke it with y=round (x^floor (x^x))

Thyfl responds:

thx every1 :D
lol, in fact, your second formula broke it!
Well.. you still can drag the mouse and make the graph move. It also broke easily that way, soon or later.

So, this is version 1.65. For version 2.0, i had a lot of bug-fixing. For example: The easying: In 2.0, when it gets to the last frame of rendering theres no easying.
In the version we have here, ther is. So, if the problem was that, you can retype the new formula, so the program 'keep it walking' ^^

Anyway, i wanted to make an really bad-azz code, but i couldnt and gave up. So its stopped forever, i guess..
But the 2.0 is a little developed, but i dont think i can post links here. sry.


not ur average flash, but very useful and super cool!!

Nice Job

Math would be much easier if I had this few years back. But i am sure this will be usefull some day.

Not bad

Good if you don't have a calculator on hand I suppose. I like the way the line moves when you input a different number.