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Game Jam 3 Entry
Theme : Babies Filming Old Schoolgirls

Controls : WASD-movement , SPACE-upgrades , LMB-shoot
Objective : Defend your toy fortress by killing old nazi robot schoolgirls , last as long as posible

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Sweet jiggly jesus bits!

I love this game.... addicting, after maybe a few hours i can conceive it getting boring but..... I DONT GIVE A FUCK! its fun


DONT LET UR BRAINS MELT LOLOLOLOLOL XD :) dbhajkxnbcabsdma xbxcmnm abs dfcbsa lol said summary 2 short so i did that


nazi robot ninja whatever schoolgirls, funny as shit
and the "Music" in the store fuckin awesome

it's meh...

graphics are good. music is annoying, boulders are annoying, the fact that you die as soon as they enter your base whereas you have to press a button to kill their base, and it gets boring because the mobs don't change except in how hard it is to kill them, and the monetary amounts you get from the robots doesn't change, so it makes buying better stuff annoying as well. This is a mediocre game without a story, plot, or any sort of intrinsic value other than learning how to press buttons. I have a challenge, lets challenge people NOT to make mediocre games in 3 days, how about that?


I GOT TO WAVE 14 and i couldnt seem why it didnt kill the robot nazi japanese school girls.
greatgame though!
10/10 5/5