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Mishapened Identity

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Author Comments

Negrounds Game Jam Three, Team Rude Boy.
created in 72 hours


Mishapened Identity is a game of mistaken Identitiy.
You must escape from the police officer chasing you, you may do so by.
-Using circles special to out run him,
-Squares to charge through obsticals.
-triangle to jump over explosives.

Cigarettebreath: "game jam three, we came we saw we....jammed"
Keith: "I'm useless"
Poopoothegorilla: "Stephen loves PooP"
Paggoslchor: "It was just a lezuirly strong what could have polygone wrong."

enjoy :D

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so fuckin hard

fun tho

I loved excepy

two things tho The thing with the u win screen keeps appearing on my screen too like the review under me and u should fix the fact that the triangle could go over everything and u dont evenn need the circle


i suck at this game, every time i try to speed burst a tnt crate pops up and i'm not fast enough. It's a good game, just not my cup of tea.

Oh, and i found one problem: If i left the game over screen and didn't click n try again, after about 1 min the game would just show the game win screen and whenever i pressed go back to menu it would just go back to the game win screen after about 2 seconds.
And i just noticed, the game clock goes down by 3 seconds, not 1.

Poopoothegorilla responds:

Thanks for the warning, ill look more deeply into the code! But very interesting with the win screen i havent gotten that error yet, but ill keep checking! as far as the timer thats what our main programmer chose to count down with... he might have just wanted to mess with everyone haha

Thanks for the review glad you enjoyed it!

It's nice!

It's really...cute. I have nothing to say, except that you could make it easier but longer. So, yeah, I like it!

Poopoothegorilla responds:

Well thanks for the very generous review! Initially we were thinking of making multiple levels, however due to technical problems and our 72 hour time limit our dream faded hahah

But thanks again!

Very fun game.

The guys that designed this must have thought a lot about it. For example, it is REALLY tempting to just square the heck through everything but then there is a crate of TNT, and BOOM! You are dead. Really keeps you thinking, and the game balanced.

The art was well done. The 'game over' and 'game won' sketches look really funny, and the background of the game is simple, yet good. The obstacles, too. The only thing that looked a bit mediocre were the tower when you break one down and the police-man. Especially the police-man. It doesn't just seem to move smooth, and if one would walk like that in real life, he would probably fall over. Oh well, it is probably hard to program the legs and arms to go faster and slower at certain points.

The gameplay was very well. The three shapes that you could transform to were fun to variate, and the concept of having to variate makes sure you won't go 'auto-playing', if you know what I mean. The three different obstacles you have to deal with each another way (well, the square could just plow through the tower and the fence) were fun to figure out.

About the sounds and music, there were no sounds! That's not that good, I think. And I am sure not everyone likes the music you use. It's not that of a popular genre anyway. (Country? Indie?) A mute button would've been welcome, and to some other people probably, too.

So, it is a very good game, and the only things that were a bit mediocre are the art of the policeman, the lack of sounds, the lack of a mute button, and a survival mode would've been nice. That's all.
5/5, 9/10.

Poopoothegorilla responds:

Thanks for the very nice review! I am glad that you liked the game, and you beat it CONGRATS!! As far as the MUTE button there is one... top left corner.

survival would be fun!
Thanks again!

Credits & Info

4.71 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2011
11:23 PM EST