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Biped Walking Sim v1.4

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Author Comments

Version 4 of the biped simulation, now with the ability to walk, and plant feet more accurately. The camera also moves with the ragdoll.

It is an entirely physics-driven simulation designed give natural balance to a ragdoll.
There are pose constraints which keeps the center of gravity between the feet, in the direction of gravity (and other external forces).
I added in an algorithm which automatically tries to place the ragdoll's feet in the appropriate location to remain balanced.
This foot placing algorithm, with the new improvements, also has the emergent effect of having natural, rhythmic walking.
The ragdoll will also try to reach a goal pose, which you can change to the current pose by pressing Enter.

CONTROLS ARE DISPLAYED IN THE GAME. You must click the game screen for the controls to be active.


Keep in mind that this isn't a "game" and it isn't complete. If you clicked the flash and it wasn't what you expect, then it's likely you were not part of the target audience - people interested in physics simulations, animations, and game development technology. As a game, this isn't really that much, but I'd prefer the project is judged as a tech demo, since that is what it is (for now).

The kind of feedback I get will certainly play a role in the rate at which I develop this project to appeal to more general Newgrounds users. I do plan on using this technology in a 3-D next-gen video game to animate the characters in real time (like Euphoria), so I will develop key parts of the technology regardless of what happens here.
But whether or not Newgrounders get to try out free flash version, built specifically for Newgrounds *with features you request* will depend on how well you support the project. No donations, just support.

Thank you.


Planned features:

- Click and drag manipulation of specific parts, not just the torso.
- Change proportions of the ragdoll's limbs (IE, increase leg size).
- Change the target pose.
- Fixate the ragdoll's limbs to points in space (IE, anchor his foot to the floor).
- Real muscular simulation. This version uses outside forces to keep the body upright, not muscles which expand or contract the arms and legs such as it is in nature.

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meriti una medaglia,hai creato una cosa divertente ed allo stesso tempo che insegna cose sulla ,dovresti vincere delle medaglie creando cose come questa,tipo aggiungendo salto,una testa,armi ed bottoni per prendere oggetti ed poter creare altri pupazzi con ali o senza mani,con denti appuntiti,poter farli morire,ed un po di elementi come fuoco ed uranio,armature,è solo un consiglio,ma non so neanche se è possibile,no me ne intendo di queste cose io.


and thinking about it if you kept walking in this game wouldn't you eventually end up where you started in the flat square


Very very well made. I love it, and I see a future for you in this industry.


great stuff! opensource?

Nameless12345 responds:

Sorry, it isn't OpenSource. I don't think putting things OpenSource is a good idea if you want to profit from any sort of novel technology. I'm not sure how novel what I made is, but it could be, so I'm keeping it to myself.

I know this is frustrating when it happens. Emily Howell, the AI composer - damn I wish SHE was open source, as dirty as that sounds. But the inventor of this technology would be burned because it's likely it'd be copied just enough to bypass copyright laws and patents.

Thanks for your interest. I wish I got more than 2.6, but Newgrounds isn't exactly the most technically-minded community on the net; they're more interested in violent humor and penis jokes. I'd imagine if a Harvard scientist posted a simulation of some complex phenomenon on Newgrounds it'd get a lousy score despite it requiring more work and team dedication than anything on this site. I'm not saying my work is necessarily equivalent; this comparison is just for the sake of argument. Whatever, that's life I guess.

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2011
4:10 AM EST