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Author Comments

Play as the tarakan trying to escape scary tentacles.

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"This game is MEANT to be with primitive tasteless graphics."
Yeah suuuuure buddy... 😏

I agree with coop.
The stamina boost is not really worth getting either seeing as it is moving to much from the place that it can end up being camoed with the critter that you are and therefore impossible to click so you are forced to die so you can attempt to click it again.

sorry about any spelling errors and above is what i think

What is this I don't even...

First of all, I don't care about how the game looks. I don't care if it has visuals that make me want to cry, in a good way. Just because you're making one with better graphics does not mean the game will be good if you're keeping everything else the same. it doesn't matter to me as long as I can tell what the game is doing.

First complaint, your stamina. It runs out way too quickly for you to be doing anything and it doesn't start full. You have to keep jamming, not holding, space whilst clicking around the screen. That's a chore in itself. Yes, I understand it's a single button game where you only have to get as many points as possible, but that shoudn't be a chore; atleast not in the first part of the game.

Overall, the worst part of the game is the (spider?). The first time I died, the spider was not anywhere close to me and I was just left saying "what?" to myself. Then you have to sit through a loading screen just to have another chance at playing this game again. After all that, I had a score of ~900,000. Overinflated much?

So: it's not fun, it's a chore, it makes you wait to start over, and you die way too early. Am I not seeing something here? If you are making Tarakan Enhanced, not only should you make it look better. It should play better.

--My way of doing that would be a "Survive this level for X amount of seconds whilst collecting gold" buy upgrades, repeat.(Mouse controlled)--

That's just for me, but it's your game. If you change nothing, expect the reviews to be almost identicaly in nature.

Just not fun

-I'm kind of back and forth with this. The first screen I see is pink and that's pretty cool since it's a nice color but I don't exactly see how it fits in with this game. From the get go once you start reading you get an idea of what to expect. See how far you can go but you can't win.

-Then I see the controls. One button. Yes there is some skill involved once you start playing but just seeing one control makes the game already seem one dimensional. When I actually started playing I got what you meant by primitive graphics. They aren't needed but fun gameplay is. I didn't get any enjoyment out of this. That's where spicing things up would come in. I saw coop had some pretty nice ideas for obstacles and such.

-As far as coding everything works fine except there isn't a preloader. It's an arduous task to have to wait for the game to load every time you play(even if it is small). I'm not so sure the enhanced version is going to be so much better unless some sort of gameplay mechanic is changed.

-Review Request Club

A long ways away from good my friend

First thing is the preloader, I tend to find those annoying. If you are going to put it here then why not swap it out for a Newgrounds preloader and make a little moola in the process by turning on the NG API with it. It's not terribly annoying it is just that I see them a lot. Would be cool if you changed the background color or something I suppose to make it a little less bland and a little more appealing to the target audience.

The color is not terrible but you should choose another color aside from pink. I like pink but just not as a background color since it is a really bright and pretty color but kind of makes the player's eyes hurt a bit. Got a little good chuckle from the background here ans it kind of makes you think this would be something a little kid might enjoy playing since they will never know what the tentacle monster looks like at all.

The game play was pretty bad. The title play button was nice though. I would suggest making the stamina bar go down a lot slower as I could not even last for more than five seconds sadly even with a really good working method. If you made the stamina bar go down slower the player could probably last a lot longer to be honest which would be a good thing for you as you would get better reviews as well.

The one last thing here that I found truly annoying was when I said no thanks to submitting a score I was brought back to the loading screen. A better idea would be adding a new frame and putting a replay button there so that players can play the game again without being annoyed with looking at the loading screen again like I was.

Overall, work on the game play and make the stamina bar go slower. Change the background color to a more calming and less of an eye sore color. something like green, blue, cobalt, gray would work nicely. Also add a frame to be acting as the replay button frame. Good luck on the future modified version of this game and I hope you take what I have said into consideration.

Have a nice day.

Review Request Club

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2011
2:06 PM EST