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The Golden Gauntlet

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Author Comments

i hope you enjoy playing this game as i enjoy making it for you!!

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Buggy piece of crap. Had to stop playing because game loads me into a spot where I can't move.

Very good!

It's too bad this did not get more recognition on this website. It was still really fun to play for me at least because it was a very clear to understand RPG. As I am not really good at regular RPGs, that is always a plus. I know that sounds pathetic, but I could still appreciate all the work and effort put into making these really good graphics. I was confused at first and thought I was supposed to attack the first guy I saw! Anyway, what really won me over was the designs and mobility of the main character.

Who would think that fighting a blob could be so fun and require strategy? The sound effects and music were all nice and authentic. The thing I did not like was not having the game pause whenever I went to look at the inventory. Keep mind that you should do that when there are no enemies around. I liked how the body movements were so vivid.

Had some fun

I had some fun with this game. Characters felt a little unbalanced, with the Dark Angel and Ninja being significantly better than the rest. Graphics were so-so and there were a few glitches like being able to escape the map in the 2nd forest area and non-teleport enemies suddenly appearing right in front of me. Wolves were the prime example of this. And unless I missed something, it's possible to get a lv 5 weapon, but only lv 4 armor. And when I completed the 3rd dungeon, I was instantly teleported into the final dungeon just a few step on the world map.

For some improvements, bug fixes and rebalancing would be a good first step. Enemy hitboxes were a little wonkey, with their attacks hitting me while mine missed because I was just a little off plane with them. An unlockable difficulty would be a nice addition too.

Maybe have different new game+ bonuses based on the difficulty? Easy gives you carry over Sp, normal has that plus weapon/armor upgrades and hard gives you access to a new character. That's just a simple idea, and it's yours to do what you want with it. The Blue Wolf was hardly a "bonus boss", so adding something like that with a decent prize for winning would be good. You could even make it so the bonus boss it the secret character, and you unlock it by winning the battle. This is an RPG, there is a lot of freedom and ideas you can play around with.


Pluses: Solid ideas about the RPG/Final Fight blend, well done character-specific upgrades, variety of character abilities.

Minuses: Silly control scheme that is negligently programmed, stolen background art (RMXP RTP), recycled character art and animation, bad english, unoriginal plot, lack of defend key, not enough character reach, no exploration within areas.

In summary, the game is sort of half-assed. I like your ideas, so it would be cool if you put more time and effort into developing the gameplay and obtaining more original art. There are plenty of bilingual gamers out there that would be happy to correct your english spelling and grammar, too.

Rip off...

It looks peaced together from a series of other games which all became increaseingly worse. The controles are clumsy and the names are just too out there to be funny. Good job on the simple upgrade set up though~!

Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Feb 12, 2011
4:04 PM EST