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Try To Escape

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Author Comments

Guide your Hero trough the maze using arrow keys. Collect golden keys to unlock door to the next level. Mean enemies are chasing you so use the special boosts to trick them and escape.
How long can you survive?

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Well, at first I thought this game had some kinks in it, but after awhile it seemed to grow on me a little bit. Getting through the maze can be tiresome though, especially when you have to move your dot EXACTLY around the corner sometimes. Overall though, kudos on making this timeburner.

I like the ai in the red ones

the game is a good idea and it fun and chalengeing. good job. and very well done with the enemies ai.

Simple, but fun.

Cool decent game. I just don't know how long could I last within the same idea.

Very neat!

This is actually a really, really cool concept! Taking a basic maze game and adding computer controlled enemies that are actually capable of navigating the maze themselves is an original and fun idea.

The game itself could use a little polish; the ability to move outside the edge of the maze reduced the difficulty dramatically, and I found that I would try to take a corner but get hung up because I was running into said corner. Perhaps rounding off or adding angles to the crash boxes would fix that problem.

The graphical style was simplistic, and that in itself is not something to be criticized, but perhaps you could spruce it up slightly? Maybe make it look like something out of Tron by adding glowing edges and focusing on outlines rather than solid blocks of bright colour.

Awesome start, and I look forward to any modifications you make!

Not bad...

But it was just the same maze every time. Would have been better with a little more variation. Plus it was wayyyyy too easy. Once you get outside the maze, you've pretty much won, you can just avoid the enemies with ease and plot a course to the keys without getting hit.