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Falsely Imprisoned!

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Author Comments

Well this took a long time to come out. Me and coldreaver started this game last year, and although we planned on releasing it earlier things just didn't work out like that.

Falsely Imprisoned is a little game we made together about a guy escaping from jail. There's a lot of things I wanted to do with this game but couldn't because the source file is scrambled almost beyond repair.

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pretty nice stuff

I just logged on for the first time in about 2 years to see what the guy ColdReaver was up to. Glad to see he's still workin and now on games. haha good stuff guys. i enjoyed it....until i died. lol

Pretty nice

The game is nice but I noticed there was one thing missing to make this game a bit easier and more realistic like most other platformer game... the ability to duck! If this was in the game then the player might survive a few seconds longer and some of the puzzles and guards they have to back attack.

The graphics ran smoothly so that was really great as well. I think with the dialogue boxes, adding voices to them would make them even better so you get more of a feel of what the characters are feeling as well.

The playing was pretty good although there were a few tough spots, after the player gets the idea of what to do they can clear through most rooms in a matter of minutes and continue on to the next room.

You made some very nice choices in the audio categories as well. The songs played at fitting times in the game so no complaints there either.

I would have to say that overall, this was a pretty good game. Somewhat like others. All I would suggest is adding voice actors and the ability to duck. Aside from that, great job here.

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Skeik responds:

Yeah I could've handled how the player gets spotted much better, instead of just having being spotted be an instant death. It almost makes the health bar feel useless. At some point I think I would actually like to go back and take Cold Reavers art and fix up the game with voices, better platforming, puzzles and AI, but that's not going to happen for a while.


Nice game

Pretty nice game, but it has some minor flaws that prevent it from being a very good game.
First of all, the controls are somewhat too smooth. The character slides around when running and the ability to slide down the walls isn't that well done as well. The first guard shot me twice before I could hit him because my character was still sliding down that small wall.
Maybe you could change this by making not all walls "slideable", but only larger ones (it also looks a bit odd to see him slide down a very small ledge).

The graphics are neat, but everything seems to be so small. A slightly bigger character would also allow some more details and I think it wouldn't hurt the game that much.

Voice acting would be cool thing to have, I think it would add that extra touch to the game that it's currently missing.

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Skeik responds:

Me and a friend who I work with were actually having a discussion about how I zoom things too far out in games. He usually gets me to zoom things back in before we release games we work together haha. I need to get an eye for that


This is a cool game

Seriously good. I like the graphics and 'feel' of how the characters move. I found the game quite difficult in that you weren't much of a second chance after being spotted, but the replay option fixed that.
I would not change the difficulty as I found that it was spot on. As AndreDB said, voices are the only really improvement I could possibly think of.

Skeik responds:

After putting voices in one my games a long time ago I decided that it wasn't worth the hassle to voice all the lines but I think that's something that I need to start including in my games as of late.



good game until after i beat the robot and suddenly my character could only "float" around the screen without animating and not attack...........

Skeik responds:

Looking into it and trying to fix. This still hasn't occurred for me yet.

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2011
10:35 AM EST