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The objective of the game is to get the biggest score possible during launch and obtaining all the different achievements. This can be done by upgrading both characters. The muscular man can increase his strength by training in the gym. The skinny guy can learn different tricks in the university to preform during launch. There is also a shop full of upgrades and gadgets.

The game can be completed by reaching over 10,000 distance and having either 18+ in game achievements or by buying the 'Stars' upgrade for $1,000,000.


Hi @ all & have FUN, to throw the human as far as possible through the air. Try to fly as far as possible and collect items and perform stunts to gain extra cash.
Great Upgrade to the Gear or to train the Thrower. Reach over 10.000 distance to win the game. But than is not over Continue Playing to get all things on it.

Help: SPACE to adjust angle
SPACE to adjust force
While in the air press SPACE to use Rockets
ARROW KEYS to perform stunts.

Eh it's not the best but it kept me interested enough to get to the end screen. The upgrades are a little unbalanced... Once you get that backflip you're pretty much three or four tosses away from winning. Had a bit of fun though. 3.5/5

Good luck with future projects.

Start menu is broken...

Button shakes when you put the MouseOver, but clicking does not start the game, nor can i get any of the 3 menu butons to do anything, just shake :( bug? or problem with newgrounds?

Need some adjustments...

Not bad, but you need to fix your physics. What the eff is wrong with your gravity, dude? Seriously? Oh, and for some reason, it's sluggish as hell...

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Here is the problem...

I played this game for about an hour. I got every upgrade went to the gym at least 50 times. These features were fantastic. The actual problem of the game is the game play it self.

I am fine with having to try to balance my guy out and pay more attention than previous tossing games I have played. But having your total score impacted by style points is absurd. I get the fact you want the character being tossed to have to land the trick he performed, but when you randomly get hit by lightening and get zero style points it just takes every ounce of fun out of the game.

I am not joking when I tell you I went off on a 15 minute toss. The game had slowed down to a crawl and I could no longer tell how far I was going. I figured screw it, maybe I'll get the all time high score. Well all of the sudden I get hit by lightening and lose all my style points (Which was through the roof due to me having the highest tricks) which made my score a fraction of what it should have been.
I think you have a great start to a tossing game, I just think you should revise the scoring system to help with the fun factor. This game should be an 8, but I am giving it a 6 because I feel as though I was cheated out of an hour. Keep up the good work, but work on the fun factor.

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Harack responds:

Thanks for the review, definitely a good point the stop go button will end your turn so you don't risk going more and hitting lightning clouds. Maybe i should implement something like if you use the spin move you 'dodge' the cloud???

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3.59 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2011
4:48 AM EST
Action - Other