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Asteroid Blaster V1.02

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Author Comments

The object of the game is to blast a path through an asteroid field that your spaceship has stumbled into by using your unlimited supply of Photon Torpedoes (mouse to aim, X key or left-click to fire) and Neutron Bombs (Z key or Spacebar to launch) that destroy all asteroids in a single hit should you get swamped.

You start with only 5 Neutron Bombs but get an extra one for each 50,000 points earned. You may only launch one at a times.

For each Asteroid hit that you take you lose 5% shield strength. For each 5,000 points you earn you gain 1% back.

Level 1 is dead easy. Only about 2 asteroids come at you per second and most will not hit your ship.
Level 6 is pretty hard. You get 10 or more asteroids per second and many more of them are on a collision course. You'll need your Neutron Bombs and some rapid fire to avoid destruction!

Level-ups occur every 100,000 points earned.

Version 1.02 adds the following new features:
Shields remaining percentage.
Level indicator at start of level and each level-up.
Fire cannon with left-click.
Launch Neutron Bomb with Spacebar.
Mochimedia High Scores. Compete for the high score with every other player.

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i give 4 stars.

Pretty basic.


This is obviously not finished and requires further testing. I'm not sure how you can call it version 1.02 when it clearly feels like v0.02.
Basically, I fired a Neutron Bomb right at the start, which left big ugly red splodges on my screen. I never took any damage and have left the game running to see if anything happens while I write this review.

Additionally, the torpedoes should fire away from the player as opposed to vertically, as this looks extremely ugly. You seem to have done this fairly well with the asteroids but it hasn't translated over to anything else. Which is another thing: why would asteroids be moving of their own accord? Should the ship not be moving forward at all? Possibly you could have the ship turning as well, with variable speeds depending on what level the player is on.

Another important thing to look at is the HUD. I mean, you've got a health bar and other such notifiers, but they look ugly as sin. You've got un-antialiased bomb indicators, a horrifying serif font next to a bland-looking gradient of a health bar, and really unfitting 'cartoon' fonts for everything else. What's all that about? Couldn't you have used a more futuristic or sci-fi-style font to fit with the theme? It looks all over the place. There's very little antialiasing going on everywhere else, too.

It's an interesting premise, mind - first person Asteroids seems like a fun idea. Whether you can pull it off is a different matter entirely.

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2011
12:49 PM EST