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Control a tiny ball of grey goo which eats everything around it. The more it eats, the bigger it gets! The goo eats anything that gets in its way: dirt, bacteria, bugs, mice, cats, cars, trees, houses... Everything! Soon the entire planet will be eaten by this crazy ball of goo. Fortunately you're on the goo side.


The controls are so stingy it takes so long for it to move in the direction you want it to.

this game was fun like five minutes. i play when i was little and i loved it. but now is just boring.is just same thing over and over again.if you are a kid ad 1,5 or 2 star to my review you should like it.

Super fun, great graphics, and the food indicator is very helpful. This game would be perfect if you didn't have a time limit, cuz in reality, a slime would take as much time as he wants to eat all the measly people in his path.

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the Pro: this is a simple and easy arcade game with a load (bigger than those smaller loads!) of diversity in graphics.

gets knocked back by the Con: ! It's anti-scientific!!1!

Meh. One of those games. You know, this is technically wrong in SO many ways. First off, moving around on the ground or around a microscope slide is one thing, but it violates conservation of momentum for it to just "move" through space. You move by pushing something the other way, and when walking that's the ground, when swimming, the water, but that won't work in space. Also, it makes absolutely no sense that it can either eat or not eat something based on whether it's bigger or not. Frankly if I was bigger than the thing and I ATE it, I would expect IT to eat me from the inside out. Hell, that's what happened with the lab assistant came in contact with it - at that time he was way bigger than it, but then what did it do? It went and ate his individual cells which were still smaller. How come he gets reconstructed into individual cells, but when it comes to a cat or a dog, it's all or nothing, either it's bigger than the whole cat or not. Also, the bullets. Those are some slow bullets the cops shoot. The creature can move faster than them. Why should they hurt it when it bumps into them if it's already faster than them, that means it's already moving against the ground faster than the bullet hits it and the ground doesn't hurt it. And it shouldn't make the thing smaller. And don't even get me started about the ending there.

Well, whatever. What do I expect, I guess. The real reason to downrate it is that it is completely devoid of any sort of intelligent strategy, the way to win it. It's a non-game. A time waster. Nothing to think about, no skill required (just move in the direction of the nearest thing which is smaller than you - but oh it doesn't even stop there, it actually gives you an ARROW to POINT you to it to put your mind at ease as to whether it's small enough). And not the best such "game" around either. I'd defer to infectonator world dominator if I wanted that. At least then I get the michael jackson zombie doing his little thriller dance, that was cool. But I'm done with that turkey. Which means I'm certainly done with this one.

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4.24 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2011
1:40 PM EST
Skill - Collect