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Adventure of Pixel Man

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This game was made in three days with five hours of work each day so this is the end result. Okay my friends have been blabbing on about the final boss's difficulty but, come on people! Its not THAT hard!
So anyway just hear me out and see the whole game before you rate because it gets better and better as it progresses.

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awesome did u use scratch ?

I've found the boss quite easy to defeat by simply mimicking his movements.
Additionally, I've found two bugs in the game. The first bug is, if you walk to the left edge of the screen while inside the old man's house, you teleport to the starting point. The second bug is, after defeating the boss, if you go back to the cave and then go back to the castle, you have to go fight the boss again.

All things said, this isn't that bad, but it could use some work.

the final is hard!!!!!!!you have noly give 3 lives >:( i give it 3

Loved it.

What program did you use to make it?

MarioMania3000 responds:

fuk u nigr

ok it was good

not bad its good just one thing: the graphics. other than that the game was fun. great job

MarioMania3000 responds:

Thank you. If you liked this one I'm currently working on a sequel. Don't worry, I'm giving it a complete graphics overhaul.