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Space Defenders

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Levl 5 5 Points

Survived level 5 in Infinite Mode

Mission Accomplished 25 Points

You defeated the biggest threat in the galaxy!

Levl 10 50 Points

Survived level 10 in Infinite Mode

Levl 15 100 Points

Survived level 15 in Infinite Mode

Author Comments

Made in 48 hours, for the Global Game Jam 2011!
And on the front page! AWESOME!

v 1.13:
- Another, more robust fix for the people stuck out of reach bug.
v 1.11:
-Fixed the people stuck out of reach bug.
- fixed the audio playing *really* quietly bug.
v 1.1:
-Added Infinite Mode, with Badges
-Fixed the music volume level

You command a fleet of Space Defenders, whose responsibility it is to bring peace to the galaxy. Your swarm of stealth spacecraft have tracked the enemy force back to their home planet. This enemy is a brutal and heartless one, set on invading other civilisations, enslaving populations, and using the rich natural resources of your lands - having almost entirely ruined their own. Your mission is to bring peace to the galaxy by destroying every last one of them.

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I love new concepts based on old games. Although I believe this one ought to be called "Earth Defenders" to properly counterpart Space Invaders.

The game is not too hard. Rockets are the main problem, because they home in the little guys, forcing movement into areas filled with pellets, but there is a catch: Their speed increase along their distance from the target. This means that wandering near towers/rocket bases is actually SAFER than keeping a distance.

Rockets can be easily outmaneuvered this way.

The other catch is they always take ONLY ONE target. This meams a tower can be bombarded while some aliens take the rockets. On later stages, there are so many of them, it hardly make a difference. Since rocket bases launch many of them, though, they must be priority target, and when shielded by a tower, that tower is priority.

Other trick: Losing side aliens considerably increases DPS because their fire speed goes up as their allies die. This makes later levels much easier than (I believe) intended by the producer.

Anyway, it's a nice game, had fun. Was made in 2 days, which is also great.

wow this is sarcastic

a perfect sarcasm to the american wars and their invasions to other countiries... awesome game by the way.

Best game ever they should put this on the news

XD rofl lol lmao lmfao

loved the concept

Being the space invaders is so great!! :D

its good

but it gets boring