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Miragine War!

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Long ago there were two countries in the Miragine land, red and blue, relive the war that took place! Recruit the correct unit to counter your opponent!

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Well, this game is pretty enjoyable and idea is good, but thats that kinda games that you play and never return.

You really should give credit to Waterflame for using his "Glorious Morning" track, as some others have said in the past. But otherwise, I really enjoy this game. Nice and easy to understand and high amount of playability.

you have made one of the most funest games of all time. to bad the "normal ai" feels way to hard. and it would had nice to have a support uint. but this is still a really good game and I would be very proud if I had made it, so good job.

Alright, so

You can't beat your foe early. The most you can do is focus on gaining resources, and for that, your very first troop, the light infantry, is the most economic.

After you gain enough resources (and your foe as well) they will start to throw out troops that oppose yours. The way around this is to predict that, and throw out counter troops.

Keep doing this until you get enough money that you can throw out high lords out the wazoo.

Congratulations. You've won.

I don't mean to make it sound so easy, considering I'm playing it on Hard; but the formula is an absolute. In fact, you can predict your wins and losses by a simple measure of who is reacting to who early on. Are you reacting to the computer? You've lost. It doesn't matter how long the game goes on for. You've lost. Is the computer reacting to you? Good job, you've won.

The actual difficulty in the game comes from knowing when the 'tip' happens, where it is more profitable to start putting out efficient troops to fight, rather than troops to boost your economy.

The computer knows this better than you do, so naturally it's going to win a lot more before you get the hang of it, but the formula remains.

Nice little gimmick game. I love games that make you counter mass troops with mass troops and the AI sorts out the clutter. Though end game the HIgh Lord is pretty unbeatable. You just spam them 1 round the next a ranged, then high lord and eventually you push through.