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My first flash game made few months ago. Any comments are welcome, hope you like it :)

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an ad every single level?? -3 right there. far too easy (-2). minimal sound and repetitive music (-1). Lack of originality (-1). LAG (-1). Useless spiked ground upgrade (-1).

Killing zombies (+1)

total (3)

blacksugar responds:

Need to improve my next game then :D
thanks for playing flamewolf!


its guitar hero, for people who hate guitar hero xDDD

blacksugar responds:

For those who hate guitar hero, ViperKilo suggest you to play this game to cheer up yourself :D
Thanks for your review Viper!


this is a damn good "first" flash game..hell..i dont even believe it honestly!

blacksugar responds:

Great if you like it :)
Yes this if my first game, looking at others people's game make me eager to polish my game so it can be a great game as their game.
Sorry if my english bad :/
Thanks for playing Nightscloud !

Sweet. =]

I like it alot, but a few things need to be worked out.
Towards the last level some Ninja zombie when killed sometimes are still standing, that was a lil annoying.
Well, nevermind the few things, other then the fact that there is a shit ton of ads and the wanting for levels I thinnk this one'll make it. =P
Congo Rats for makin' a fun game. =]

blacksugar responds:

Thanks for the bug report Shrouded,
i'm in progress in making another game right now, people comments and support make me eager to finish it soon :D

Not bad

I guess for a flash game this isn't too bad. Really reminds me of guitar hero. Cool idea hitting ASDF for shooting.

blacksugar responds:

Different from guitar hero, the music of my game doesnt sync with the incoming zombies, i think its hard to code such gameplay :/
Thanks flamingo :)

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2011
9:28 PM EST