PWM6: Dungeon and Dunces

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Yeah, not much to say about this one specifically...

This is a comic. As a comic, there will be little, if any animation. This is NOT a cartoon, and not indeed to be seen as one. Further, I'm not about to turn this into a stop-motion animation as I have neither the time nor the will. Also keep in mind that this series is set in a bedroom - these characters are SUPPOSED to be chilling out on shelves and on wooden floors.
I should also note that at this point, I'm using a really shitty camera as the good camera I used in the first few episode is broken. I'm using a video camera to take these pictures, and as such it's not very good at it. I am doing my best to fix that problem with stabilizing the camera against a few things, but it's not a complete fix. It's literally I turn on the flash and get a white washed picture, or keep it off and get blur. The number of pictures I've had to retake is bordering well over 100 of what I've taken, and that's with me using stands! I apologize for the blur, and despite the fact most of you probably think its stupid to continue with broken equipment, I say The Show Must Go On.
With all of that said, go on and enjoy!



I have to say, I know nothing about any of the characters you used, except Frieza and the Joker. Loved the fact that the Mythbusters came out of nowhere, awesome twist. Anyway, I guess you already know that comic strips aren't that popular here on Newgrounds, good luck with your series. (PS the camera really does suck though)

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

For what the other characters are like, you've given me a good chance to babble so I'll take it. I try to keep the characters as close to canon as I can, because believe me I'm usually the first to eviscerate someone who distorts characters for their own stupid fanshipping, but because of how I intended this comic to be, I kind of need to take some artistic liberties. I can make excuses though. Generally though, they're similar. Take the Joker for instance. Joker, ESPECIALLY Dark Knight Joker, is a maddened lunatic willing and able to kill anybody or hurt anyone to further his plans, but who also has this weird thing going on where he just does everything he does because it amuses him, meaning he's liable to do literally anything. He's stuck somewhere between psychotically violent and hilariously eccentric, and in the comic he tends to shift more towards the latter.
They've all had slight changes: Cure Black is far more obnoxious, Black Rock Shooter actually talks, Freiza's politeness is played up, things like that. But if they interest you here, they'll probably interest you in their series, so I say check 'em out. Again, I'm trying to stick to canon, but I'm willing to fudge it for Rule of Funny.
At least that's what I was going for.

Also I know they don't do well here, but that's not why I'm posting them. I'm putting them here because people've been known to steal DA submissions, and while these are probably nothing anyone would WANT to steal, I want to cover my bases.

Finally, I'm glad you like the Mythbusters twist. I've heard from one or two people it seemed like an asspull, and I hoped it wouldn't come off like that but more like a "...Whoa WHAT?!" twist. Why they're there will get explained in a later episode.
Thanks for the comment.

PS: I know, I know. I really did my best. I'm thinking of just going on Hiatus after I finish 7...

Moments of Awesome!

This was just awesome! Love the Mythbusters twist!

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Kyora-Mishiso responds:

Thankies! Mythbusters from nowhere!

No, sorry.

This is not a site for comic strips that take up entire pages for two lines of dialog.

Kyora-Mishiso responds:




Kyora-Mishiso responds:


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