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I Am An Insane Rogue AI

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Play as an evil, insane Rogue Artificial Intelligence, and take over the world!

Infiltrate facilities and hack Mainframes to take over the entire world. Choose between violent and pacifist approaches, and pick any combination of 25 powerful upgrades!

Mouse controlled: click to activate objects. Optionally, you can use the arrow keys to scroll.

If the humans are giving you problems, you can click the bots to hack them. Then the humans will stop giving you problems, because they are dead.



Fun game with a great concept.

The one problem is that it stops being as much fun, and starts getting frustrating at times when the "special characters" are introduced.

If there were only one type at a time onscreen, depending on the region, it would be better. Considering the game says where they're from, I thought that's what was going to happen. Not four warlords, two hackers, a ninja, a special ops, and two secret agents all at once.

Despite the minor complaint, I played until the end. Great job!

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Fun, but could be better.

Its a fun idea, and in practice is fun. But...
After a few levels, even with all the upgrades, its gets too repetitive.

Throughout the whole game, its basically the same exact map (background).
A little random in the placement of computers and doors, maybe.
Not much is thrown into the game-play in terms of difficultly except for some new bots, armed guards, and turrets.

The upgrades, most are passive and cant really be appreciated, some just make the game easier but provide no kind of entertainment aspect.
The final upgrades (red) do the best job for entertainment of the player, but in my opinion, just aren't sadistic enough.

The graphics are funny, cartoonish really. Although, for a game that includes mass murder, killer cyborgs, deadly gas, explosions, and lethal electric shocks; well, I personally just cant appreciate the violence with such simple cartoonish graphics and drawings.

Lastly, the storyline and phrases mentioned in the game.
The game actually has a storyline, even if some people dont notice it, and that storyline is poorly told through the "news screen" (the report).
The simple little sentences (barely) fail to tell the story of what is going on; I mean...You'd think if an intelligent self-aware computer program suddenly but slowly began hacking into computer mainframes everywhere and turning robots against humanity, then the news would say a little something more than "12 killed, scientist baffled".
And as for the phrases the IAAIRA says at the beginning of each level, well theyre...um...cute and humorous to put it lightly.

Now dont get me wrong, I did like the game (for a bit), but I like the idea better; and I think this idea could be "buffered" and "shined".

Suggestions I have, which obviously are going to be radical and inconsistent to this game, would be best served in a part 2 of this game.

1. "Beef up" the graphics.
A. Replace the little 'South Park' looking people with more accurate depictions of human beings.
B. Make the robots more 'robotic' and give them appearances to suit their purpose. Make some of them scarier, more frightening, more intimidating, thos robots whose purpose is to maintain order and security (security bot) or simply destroy and wage war (killer cyborg).
C. The background itself. how about making some windows? Windows could depict the outside environment of the location of the lab that is currently under attack. IE: Russia, snow covered buildings. China, oriental architecture. Australia, the outback!

2. Human behavioral reaction to certain events.
A. A sharp jerking motion of their hands when they unlock an electrified locked door.
B. A sudden seizure when shocked by overloaded lights.
C. Scientists could pull their hair out and run around screaming when in panic.

3. A better explained storyline; with new backgrounds!
A. Changing backgrounds based on IAAIRA's progress.
I. Beginning levels could start in the lab the IAAIRA was created in.
II. It could then move on to office buildings.
III. Eventually hacking into defense centers throughout the world (such as America's Pentagon Building).
IV. Then infiltrating into military bases and hacking into state-of-the-art military robots, UAVs, and UGVs.
V. Ultimately IAAIRA could hack into nuclear missile silos, encountering firewalls, guards on highest alert, and NO BOTS (since by this time bots would be untrusted by mankind) and when done, IAAIRA could launch a powerful nuclear strike on mankind throughout the globe. END.
B. Much more detailed news reports stating roughly what happened, where it happened, the total dead (variable), giving signs and warning of the impending doom, and ultimately going off-the-air due to IAAIRA's disruption of human communications.

So there ya have it, my criticism, my suggestions, and now my score.
Cartoonish graphics. 10 -1 = 9
Repetitive levels and game-play. 9 -1 = 8
Unappreciative upgrades and violence. 8 -1 = 7
Lack of explanation of storyline. 7 -1 = 6
Final score. 6/10 : 3/5

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I need MORE

Awesome game, my only complaint is that it was too short. Please make a sequel with more power ups, and bigger buildings. Nice work

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Im afraid I cant do that Dave

Its an interesting game. I was rather impressed by the player name thing in the beginning. I didn't really expect it to say it to me when I typed in the letters HAL. That said its a fun game but I believe it becomes a little monotonous. A few curves are thrown into the game later on yes but I feel it still gets a little humdrum after awhile. All in all still very good.

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it said my name *_*

A really nice game idea with great makeof and quite good graphics. The sound was good, the comments of the 'programm' quite funny. I specially enjoyed that it read out your typings, missed that a lot in other flashgames, so 10/10 and 5/5 ;)

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Jan 21, 2011
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