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Mystical Battle

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An epic game of strategy and ultimate world domination! Play as humans, zombies, werewolves or vampires to control the land!

See in-game for instructions.

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I at first did not like this game. But i gave it a 2nd chance and played as Werewolf and really enjoyed it an won. It is very fun once you get the hang of it. Will play again as the other creatures and see how i do. Oh i love the fact it has a save feature! More games should have that!

Good Work!

Time Consuming

its a good game but of some of the races it is a bit impossible and its not worth playing an extended period of time on the game sorry :(

Way too slow

I was very frustrated with the speed. Recharge times are long--a couple seconds for even the fastest units--and units move across the screen painfully slowly. I think it would be a lot more fun if you improved the pace.

A decent game

The only reason I did not enjoy this more was that I was just not good at it. The best part was the graphics which were just great. All of the characters just seemed to move around so fluidly and when you do that with zombies it can be hard. Again, there is not much advice I can give out other than click everything as soon as possible. It was weird to be able to see the enemies being able to respawn. I guess that was good at giving you a heads up on the next attack.

It's a little repetitive, but it still manages to be fun. This is mostly because I am a really big fan of the zombie genre. In fact, I even started watching the show "The Walking Dead" last night (full episodes at least). The name is kind of strange, as zombies did not really come off as mystical to me. It did have more of a theme like that when you brought in cards at the beginning.


Fun Strategy game with the undead and whatnot.Good job