Basic Dress Up Game

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EDIT: Updated so that the black skirt can be placed over the other bottoms :)

I've been dabbling a bit in flash these past few weeks, and I made this in two days. The reason is that I'd like to take commissions on GaiaOnline for customisable dress up games, and/or character creators, and I would like to show customers exactly what the finished product could look like. Please be kind with ratings, as this is my first serious flash project. A few weeks ago I knew nothing about flash at all.

Art © Me
ActionScript - Mostly copy pasted from tutorials, but I would love to learn AS at some point in time ^^


sorry about the soul eater game it's just death the kid is not a girl. but i like this one <3

not bad

for a basic game, it's pretty good. I wouldn't mind seeing a more complete version. I command you to make more. Now.

Zeiphex responds:

Aww, thank you so much :D Yes, I'm busy working on one but I'm a little stuck on the ActionScript ^^;

Dress up!!

I love dress up games! I really do. Even though this is a *basic* dress up game there could still be more options for shirts and clothing bottoms. Also, I wanted to put the white legging looking things under a black skirt, but the leggings over-rided it. :/. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I enjoy layering *alot* on dress up games. Thank you for the automatic lock on the body! Lining them up for me is really hard x_x xD

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Zeiphex responds:

EDIT: Updated the layering :)

Thanks, and yes I know ^^ Hmm, I should change the leggings so they could go under the skirt I guess. Actually I'm busy working on a very detailed one, but I don't know the actionscript for switching clothing sets, so I'm a little stuck :/


I'll give you a 4/10 but...its like you said....a basic dress up game you should add something you haven't seen in a dress up game...

Zeiphex responds:

Thanks! Yes, I realise this, but it is deliberately made to be simple - it's an example of what finished commissions might look like. I don't want to make it too complex because A) This is the first time I've used Flash, and B) If I make the example very detailed and do not make my commissions that detailed, I will be misleading people.

Once I learn more about Flash and ActionScript, I hope to be able to make detailed animations and games :D

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Jan 19, 2011
5:14 PM EST
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