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Benny's Adventure

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Come On Baby Light My Fire 10 Points

Turn on the Heating in under one minute.

Great Balls of Fire 25 Points

Turn on the Heating in under 40 seconds.

Firestarter 50 Points

Turn on the Heating in under 30 seconds.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

My first game, did everything myself; art, programming and music.
Thanks to TurkeyOnAStick, Havegum and Cloudeater for testing and helping me figure out the code.

Benny's Adventure started as part of the winter game jam here on newgrounds. I was the artist on that team but unfortunately the programmer had some computer trouble in the last couple of hours before the deadline, which meant our submission didnt get finished. Having already made all the art for the game I figured I`d just do it myself.


[You wont get a pop-up but the medals do work]


[it can sometimes be difficult to maneuver through the prison (what do you expect, you're an ox). Neither me nor my testers encountered unpassable obstacles though, let me know of your problem and Ill see if I can help you out.]

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fuck this game stupid controls

Terrible game. Crappy controls, and yet, has medals that FORCE the player to deal with them. A PERFECT RUN is needed, and I mean PERFECT, otherwise the clock will go over 30s.

Games with a low rate (below 3) shouldn't be allowed to have medals. My opinion.

(Yes, I know this was a first game. Still....)

Kinda hard to handle

The quality of the video is first rate, as is the style, with incredible design, plus everything moves independently, unlike the bulk of the flash that we usually see here. Lavish attention to detail, This was an ok game and you had some nice "MUSIC" to go with it so i was sort of impressed with that aspect of things, I had a real hard time figguring out the "CONTROLS" and such you didnt even have an "INSTRUCTIONS" section on this whole piece wich would have been nice, but it seems like a fun game, kind of interesting though, hope to see some improvments. I love how this all mixes together in a rare blend of ideas concepts. and thats what you need to make something special, and so this one caught my attention right away.

The best designers try new things, and new ideas,which usually result in award winning product, So try a few new things and new ideas that will push the limits, i have a few for you here. Add an instructiones section on how to ram doors and such, other then that this was notbad.

The handling is absolutely terrible and the game is short and makes no sense.
Then why did i keep playing this for 15 minutes?
The answer is MEDALS!
They were neither too easy nor too difficult to achieve, but once you're determined its pretty easy.