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Droid Grids0.17(Outdated)

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Author Comments

There is a much newer version available.
Droid Grids Beta 0.19.1 has been posted :)
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/561794

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Flip loadsa potentism.

hey glider521al,

A metric ton of structural work has gone into this top-down 2d shooter, and do you love to show it. Slews of weapons, abilities and features, Droid Grids Beta plays like an ambitious pitch for the commercial market rather than a mere flash game. The overall reaction I have from playing this game is that if it works - it'll be a smash hit. And if it doesn't - it will droop under the weight of its own ambition. Only time can tell.

At present, the menu screen is cheap and horrifying. Since when do you press "Start Game", and the default option is "Back"? I'm sure the menu will be reworked and made smexier by release, but even in beta things should be relatively pieced together. Fix the menu. And also, enable a low/med/hi quality button, because this game can produce lag in older computers (such as mine).

The amount of effort put into this game is recognized just by looking at the description, wait, better yet - the title. Version 0.17.6? Will this thing EVER be released? If you are an ambitious man/woman, (and I expect of you highly), this game is a thing to look out for. The only thing is it could use a lot of the "prettying" department. Hire some good artists to beautify your highly intelligent system.

It's definitely something that is not done before on this scale for Newgrounds. It reminds me of DOTA for some reason: multiplayer, spawn points, walking around, fighting, walking around some more. If you could make it addicting enough, then it might be a hit. Heck, why not make it online while you're at it, you've got the guts.

Obviously I just spent a short amount of time playing a very deep and intricate game with zero polish that looks and feels like a drag. Now I'm not saying that this game is bad, I'm just saying that I just hope you finish this, because if you don't, then the world has just missed out on something special.

Thanks for letting me play.

--Production-- = 12/20
--Playability-- = 11/20
--Genius-- = 20/20
--Flair-- = 20/20
--Tilt-- = 11/20
VERDICT: Getting great. [B+]



glider521al responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback.

I found that its actually the dynamic text that takes up more memory than any other graphical feature, resulting in a fair bit of lag at the start of each round/wave.
I'll probably fix it by replacing it with images.

I've had several people tell me that the menu needs a heck of alot of work and I aim to fix it (along with other features to be placed in Beta 0.18 which will warrant a resubmission).

I know the graphics need polish too, but refining, and adding in most of the remaining gameplay features receives priority for now.
Many artists on Newgrounds, as I understand it, want their work to remain on Newgrounds. The conflict arises when I port the finished version to other platforms (e.g. Java).

I would like to have online multiplayer too, but that's a fair way off :).

Thanks for noticing that I'm taking a big risk here, by trying to make a complex game for Flash.
I chose to program in Flash AS3 instead of Java because the platform is more widely accessible.

Seems alright

The gameplay tended to be a bit annoying at first but after a few minutes of practicing the player should be able to get a better concept of surviving and defeating the enemies with shields and the such. I tended to go around a spot and try to get them from behind.

Game tended to be a bit annoying every now and then but a bit realistic since whenever I took a lot of damage I would start to move a bit slower than usual allowing the enemy to get in more hits on me.

The sound effects were nice but adding in some background music would be really nice and give the player a bit better feel of the atmosphere as for where they are.

Reminds me of when I use to play laser tag a lot when I was younger. I would try to stick to a few key spots and snipe everyone who wasn't on my team as they passed on by me.

Overall, a nice attempt at a game but some music would make it nicer. Good luck on future games.

Review Request Club

glider521al responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not entirely sure what would make suitable background music for a survival game, but I'm still on the look out. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

When you said the game was a bit annoying every now and then, what did you mean?
Was it the User Interface (I'm working on improving it)? The keyboard system of aiming and strafeing?
Or something else?


I enjoyed this thanks I dont make flash games just music so I cant criticise

glider521al responds:

Well thanks for the feedback.

If you want a paricular feature to be added/see any bugs I've missed
please PM me


Could be better

Not sure if you used the game factory widget to make this since it looks amazing like something made from it.
Things to improve on

Just shooting isn't aligned with your hands when you move.
Movement is blocky when you change directions.
Also, give instructions more clearly in the front. Make sure to state that in the menu you need to use arrow keys.
Make your font look more professional. Using the standard font like that doesn't help your image much.
Menu Background would look nicer.
In-game Stats text- this just looks terrible. Maybe make a sort of HUD for it. I'd advise you to look at other games for an idea on how to show these stats.
Also, perhaps little tool tips when you get new weapons so you know their effects better.

Things that were good:
Two players :) great idea!
Weapon progression is good, as well as tossing grenades different distances.
Custom controls is a great thing, could lead to the possibility of more than 2 players perhaps.

There's definitely potential here. Reminds me of Boxhead 2 play, and I would definitely play this w/ my bro once it's more streamlined.

glider521al responds:

Hey thanks for the feedback:
I'll definitely change the font (Maybe Calibri) and see what I can do to improve the U.I.

I've been told that the instructions are more of an unnescessary long manual, listing each object and tips for interacting with it. I'll try and make the gameplay more intuitive. I could probably cut it down to:
-What the controls are
-How to Strafe/use special abilities
-What turret ports and forcefield bridges are
-That the objective is to kill as many enemies as you can before you die.

I agree that graphics definitely need to be improved, and they will be once, all the gameplay features are polished and added in.
I've never heard of the game factory widget, 95 % of this had to be programmed from scratch in AS3 (which, you'll know is damn tedious work).

As for local co-op and controls:
I've been told by some people that they wanted mouse controls, which provide far easier handling, at the cost of local co-op (and vice versa).
I may end up keeping both, but give the player the option of mouse controls in a 1 player game.

To all the other players out there, tell me which you prefer...

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2011
9:52 PM EST