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Eulogy For 'StickCombat Multiplayer'

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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

01-16-11 – 01-22-11

Author Comments

---------THIS IS A BETA VERSION!------------
Some stuff doesn't work yet, or is buggy.

If the field is just white please wait a minute!
the game is pretty big and the preloader doesn't show up that fast ;)

Thanks for all the reviews.
i will fix the stuff you told me!

BTW: you can jump with the RC Car by pressing Space ;)


a good ol' "every one against everyone"

one bullet
you spawn with one bullet in your gun. for killing someone you get another bullet.
if you run out of bullets you will have to knife your enemies.

you start with a lame gun and for every kill you will get a better one.

same as deathmatch just with two teams.

a gamemode to experiment with weapons(all weapons are availible)

maps currently really do suck,
if someone has a cool idea or even a better map i will definitely put it in the game and credit the creator!

please give some feedback :D

and enjoy!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


i reley dont wan to say this, but i have to now.
this game is so nicey. i mean, all you do is hit the stick dudes. thats it! how is this an RPG anyway? you cant contrail anything but what it says in the manual! what if i didnt want to play a stick dude? what apout quests? all you can upgrade is stranth? there is no way you can lose to the boss at the end! this game is crap! its not even an RPG at all! i mean look at it! in what way is this supposed to be an RPG if you can do quests and stuff? all you do is press one butten the entier time! explain to me! the athore coments al totol lies! is it supposed to be stick dudes? i dont even know how this damn game got the daily not prize, or a rating of nothing!
pepole think this review is worthles.
go ahead! say it! i dont care! im just trying to make a point here!
save this piece of art!!!!

P.S. the only reson im giving this a 9
is becuase
the graphics were pretty bad.

but thats


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cod-like experience

I enjoyed it a lot! I look forward to more updates!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

It didn't even load.

See title!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game has potential...

To the author:

I have always enjoyed the idea of stickmen killing each other with random weapons, so I decided to take a look at this game.
The controls are easy to use, but an in-game menu that would show the controls again as a refresher would be a nice thing to have. The menu could also contain the "Leave Game" botton too for convenience.
I would like to commend you for creating a multi-player game, but I will like to ask if something could be added for a single-player to do. People are not always playing at the same time, so they might want to wait for other friends to come and join them in a room. Perhaps an option could be added where one person could, in the training room, have one or more CPU's to kill off. Or maybe, a story could be added to this game...
It would also be nice if you could mention somewhere that, to jump to higher platforms, shoot the gun at the ground after you've jumped.
Overall, I hope the final version will be awesome!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

so awsome but..

this is cod in stickmen style! not many players and you can choose the shootgun in lvl1. you could have vehicles and cooler maps with places you can hide in and random weapons on the map(just like one weapon thats respown on random places. also costmonize the armor. and i cant leave games.
and try to dont copy black ops so much it will be like hundred of rewius that saids: to much cod!!!!!
but still awsome game!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

glitchy at best

Played the game for 5 mins and I've seen a good 3 bugs. On my 1st death i was shooting as i died, the ambiance was still there afterward. after playing the 5 mins my controls suddenly locked up and i wasnt able to do anything but watched as some named kid shot me to death a good 4 times. afterwards i click the leave game link only to find out its not a link but 2 words, nothing more, nothing less. The concept was unique, but it has quite a few core issues to be addressed before it really can be launched off the ground.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game for a beta

Okay, so the concept is GREAT and you have most of the stuff down, even the lag isn't un-reasonable, but scince this is a beta, there's going to be some problems. Here are some I've experienced:

First off, sometimes in deathmode only one person can kill others, even though I've shot someone 30 times in the head with a sniper rifle and a sticky grenade, only that one person can get a kill. This may be a cheat, so watch out for hackers later on.
Also, in the first map, it's very easy to fall through the floor on the right bottom corner.
When changing a weaponset, you have to go through the selections and actually pick something before you leave, you can't just browse and cancel, the top right corner "X" doesn't work mid-selection.
Sometimes, a bullet trail (like the yellow lines that come after the bullet after you shoot it) stays and there are just random yellow lines on the map.
Once you enter a lobby, you can't leave without refreshing the page.
XP goes into the negitives sometimes.
Also, and hopefully this changes in the future, sometimes there just aren't people around to play with. Maybe you could include a computer vs. player mode?
Sometimes, after entering lobby, the timer stays at 20 seconds and no one is on the screen, basically it's just a blank lobby page, and the only way of leaving is refreshing the page.
Needs a mute button for people that like to listen to their own music.
Game starts even if there is no one else is in game lobby.
Says "1/10 achevments unlocked" and they all had locks on them.

There are also some things about the game that I love and hope you keep for the new version:

The breathing of the characters and the way they point their guns and such.
The basic map styles. Too much detail would just overload everything, keep it simple.
The layout of the controls are simple and fast to learn with easy access to all features.
Music and sound effects are wonderful!
The login feature is simple and fast to create an account.

You have an awsome concept and good base. I hope to see the final version in the near future!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Bugged, but...

there's some great potential. Just please sort out the clipping and lag issues and this could be really good!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game

I played this game with pretty low expectations because of the score but I thought it was exactly COD in stick man form. Its a little buggy in places but I think a few updates could change that. I do think you could improve the maps as well so they support the RC car but other than that I think is a great game.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Did you happen to play cod before this and it inspired you?
if so then you play it alot i guess, no offense.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

geeeeil :D

ich hab in einer map unten rechts "cassi ist fett" gelesen

also geh ich einfach mal davon aus das du deutsch bist

wo auch direkt mein erster punkt wäre
mach das da weg^^ is zwar lustig - aber i.wie unprofessionel
und die englischen spieler verstehn das nichma^^

das spiel an sich ist n ziemlich geiler COD klon - stickman style :D
die waffen waren gut - das man sachen freischalten kann erhöht den spielspaß ungemein :D und der killstreak bonus hat es mir erst so richtig angetan^^

aber wie du selbst oben schon gesagt hast - die maps sind scheiße ^^
wenn ich zeit hab setz ich mich auch ma hinter eine

wäre fett wenn man die COD maps etwas einbauen würde ^^
also wie z.B eine rakete wie bei "launch" oder so :D
so kleinigkeiten die die COD - spieler zum schmunzeln bringen ^^

sonst wüsst ich nich was ich großartig dazu breitagen könnte
war nähmlich leider niemand on als ich gezockt hab un so hab ich mich in den trainingsmodus verzogen

was ich aber noch umbedingt sagen wollte

du hast jetz die beta am laufen - dann nimm dir auch bitte die zeit um dir die reviews hier durchzulesen wegen bugs, vorschlägen etc.

das spiel hat nähmlich viel potenzial - und es wäre schade wenn du es rausbringst obwohl noch nich alles stimmt^^

ich hoffe das spiel bekommt die anerkennung die es verdient hat :D
ich bin auf jeden fall jetz schon ein großer fan^^

(Ps. if your english - i'm sry^^ thought you are german - you can write me a pm and i will the translate the review for you)

PeaCe :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

casi ist nicht fett, sie ist ein walfisch

großen videospiel, Prost!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

HI1!!! map suggestion?

Hi! i made an .fla file whith a map, but idk what your email is...
please respond.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Love it. Like Cod but flash and free :)

Lags when you attack someone. Bullets take a while to arrive even though it seems like you hit them already.
Sometimes can't shoot/attack if I click outside and click in
Would like ping scoreboard, or a menu button in game. Pressing Ctrl for the loadout is kind of annoying
Jumping should be depending on how long you hold down the jump button, cuz I shoot straight up sometimes and it's not so easy to make jumps
Add moving while crouching?
A way to close console if u open it by accident. Had to quit and refresh cuz of this.
Sentry doesn't drop sometimes, also sentry damages you if u get in its way (dunno if intended)
Airstrike is OP if on the top since it even kills me when I use it. Don't see the point of the lazer since it basically clears the entire top floor.
Should allow singleplayer training, and starting w/o a full room

Loved the weapon sets, although noticed crosshair doesn't change if running compared to standing. Only jumping makes it bigger
Perks and achievements are cool.

Gotta find a lot of people to get together sometime :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Interested concept for fast fun.
But for some reason I can't enter a room anymore, it stays at 0 seconds.
Is this a bug ?
Hope to be able to play again.


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3.52 / 5.00