Tesla Death Ray

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The Tesla Coil, brainchild of genius inventor Nikola Tesla is now in your hands! Use destructive electrical power to defend against and destroy waves of approaching enemies!

Mouse: Zap them down!

Update: fixed bugs with pause menu and Mini-coil.


Pretty Good

Although the game itself is good the it needed some obvious improvements that I hope you'll make. Such as more upgrades, better hit detection, and maybe something over the top like an easter egg or extra, I don't but make it snappy cause my fingers gots some urges that only zapping can satisfy.

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Decent tower defense Game

I enjoy the music and the art style. Unfortunately it suffers from some poor hit detection, moving targets escape the beam despite the cursor still resiting on the enemy. Also, It could use some more upgrades, I maxed out pretty quickly.

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Not bad.

But there was room for vast improvement. The game got boring quickly as soon as the upgrades were maxed out, there should have been many more available. Sometimes the lack of some sort of enemy lock-on code was really frustrating, half the time if I didn't hit the enemies dead centre then they wouldn't be damaged and I would just be wasting power. The hit detection code for zapping enemies was quite frankly sloppy. The time it took to kill the same kind of enemy fluctuated a lot because of the innacuracy of the lightning sometimes. Overall an addictive game, but there was room for a lot more features and some overall polishing on the mechanics.

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Great game!

Really fun, with a great look to it, like others said, more upgrades would be nice, maybe a change of looks for the tower with certain upgrades, and then something small, after a round, you should make it so that you regain ur electricity and dont have to worry as much of the crowds rushing you and you starting out with little to no electricity.

simple and good

it was simple and a very good concept but it really does need more upgrades

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4.29 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2011
10:09 AM EST
Action - Other