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Play With Your Peas

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The original design is from the LostGarden.com "Play With Your Peas" prototyping competition.

Click to place blocks. Once you have a good obstacle course setup, click Start to try it out. Your pea will always head for the highest point and jump off. Your goal is to create jumps that score enough Happy Points before the pea hits the exit. To complete each level score enough Happy Points for your pea to get a white belt. Points are scored for the number of blocks hit while the pea is falling. Build jumps where the pea can bounce off of multiple blocks. As you progress you will get more types of blocks like Springs that will help to make jumps last longer.

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at some point the deleted blocks just kept on existing as phantoms and my pea would hit them, as it was impossible to just reset completely the level I was stuck forever on a level.

fix it and it shall be great!


Great game. Too bad that I've rated is as 5 today. I would do it again and again and...

Anyway - did you used Box2D or you made physics on your own? If the second, youre great programmer because this game is so great!


i loved it...................................

Fun little game

This is a pretty fun little game. The controls are easy, the music doesn't get boring and it's amusing to watch your little ninja pea climb all over the blocks. I really enjoyed it!

(In the second stage there was a case where I'd deleted a block and the pea still read is as there. Minor, but still...)