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Blob Adventure

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Arrow keys - Movement
Space Bar - Action

A mysterious purple island has appeared near Squishy island and is cutting off all electrical power. It is up to Blob to save his island and to stop the purple Blob

The game uses static frame gameplay, there are 30 levels (frames) in the game overall

This was the first game I ever made using graphics I drew using MS paint (Except for ingame text and buttons). I designed this game when I was 12 years old so it is very very amature. The games "corny" look might turn people off but if you could look past that you will find a game thats simple yet challenging, or just hilariously bad lol


Sounds effects by Sega
Blob Adventure main them - Laval Power House from Sonic Spinball
Song is owned by Sega
All characters and object except Glowing orb and purple blob are based off characters created by clickteam.
Newgrounds logo are trademarks of Newgrounds.com
If I am not allowed to have the logo in my game please contact me and let me know so I can take it out (I thought it was a cool idea)

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I should write a mameinfo about this...

This game was made by The Games Factory 2.
You go back 1 or 2 stages if you die.
January 1st 2011: Sal3302 added Blob Adventure

Still... Great game

it wasn't good

the good
the story
the mini games were a bit entertaining

the bad
the seizure inducing score bubbles
the bland backgrounds
the fact that all the music is sega music, I mean, at least get a song from newgrounds or something

the conclusion
it had potential, but it wasn't very good

This game was okay.

This has potential. I kind of liked it, but the trees and obvious lack of effort you put into the backgrounds took away from the experience of playing it. I liked the level of difficulty and the reseting to the previous level upon death. If you animated the enemies and made the key-objects less sezure-ish then the game would be better. None the less, I mildly enjoyed trying to get through each level. The characters fast movements makes him a bit hard to control, which is fun. You should make a sequel that is overall improved.


I have to give you a zero because the game never gets past the presentation page.

saligraphy responds:

Sorry about that, I forgot to state that pressing any button on the keyboard goes to the next screen at the beginning.
I fixed it so it changes after 4 seconds, thanks for playing anyways!

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2011
4:38 PM EST