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Author Comments

An abstract microgame about Taiwan, inspired by my trek there. Visit GameTrekking.com for more information.

You can follow my games at www.necessarygames.com/follow

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Taiwan... That is my home...!!
It is really difficult for me to say anything, but I have a feeling that Taiwan is being sent to ultimate doom. The pan-blue party, or the Republic of China, itself a renegade government from China, also claims that Taiwan has always been a part of China, and therefore it is not surprising that they will push Taiwan into being assimilated to China no matter what while in truth Taiwan has never been so until Zheng Cheng-Gong took it from the Dutch regime. Even before China surrendered the island to Japan in 1895, they still regarded Taiwan as a barbarous land. Even if the Cairo Declaration, a non-binding document made after the Japanese surrender to the Allies in 1945, stated that Taiwan had to be returned to China, it was made by three political powers according to their political interests - not for the greater good. The Pan-Green party, calling themselves supporters of Taiwan independence, are in fact mere puppets of the renegade Republic of China themselves, indulging in the political benefits given to them by the current regime. Independent or not, both sides only wanted to secure their own power rather than really care about the people of Taiwan at all.
The true status quo is that Taiwan is not independent as it seems - its political status is still unclear even today. The Matrix might be here now, but it will never last. History is written by the winners and does not always reveal the truth. What Taiwanese people have to do is do the research for the truth with their own power and determine their own destiny, rather than letting either of the two political parties do their thinking - which is unfortunately what they are doing now. So long as the people are willing to make the change peacefully, even the Chinese military threat will not be a matter to them anymore, either.
... and thank you for making such a project about our precious little island. I really appreciate it.^^

Frak the status quo!

This makes me wanna listen to Anti-Flag

1 min 41

Nice to do once, or twice. I could have continued, but without a decent goal it gets boring.

You know what would represent Taiwan better?

A brawl game like Street Fighter, only you get to play members of the parliament. Whoever is best at dragging other people's clothes or pulling women by their hair wins. You beat the game when Democracy has successfully been reduced to a silly joke.

The main character should be Guan Fish from San Peng Guo

It's a decent balance game, but I find you're trying too hard with the message, it's too simplified for comparing to the real thing.

I think you could make a Hong Kong game with the twist that you are building a bridge (like the RL counterpart), making the game winnable: Connect to the big thing in the middle.

Awesome and hard

Its addictive
32 seconds =D

Credits & Info

4.81 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2011
11:10 AM EST