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Puzzle Book: Number Three

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Hey hey,

All good things are three! And so is hopefully the third Puzzle Book!

As I mentioned in a news post before there has been a major improvement in the design and layout of the new Puzzle Book game. As always you can send your own puzzle and get included in the next puzzle book, which will eventually come out someday in the future.

This time exactly 25 puzzles wait to be solved! Since there have been a lot of comments stating that the puzzles and hints were confusing, in previous Puzzle books, I focused more on them this time. If you play the game, you'll notice that the puzzles are easier than usual. In addition, you can now skip puzzles. If you grow desperate on one of them, you can simply skip it and head to the next one. More will be explained in the game.

Thanks to naldzgraphics.net and grsites.com for their awesome paper backgrounds. Be sure to check out their site for more backgrounds in different categories.

But enough talking. Enjoy the game!

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Excellent game! I felt compelled to play Puzzle Books #1 and 2. I must say, your programming, interface, and puzzle design skills have improved a lot! I hope you'll consider updating the first two installments.

I especially liked that:

* You eliminated the Tab Cheat problem and made the key do something useful. I'd suggest looking into the tab order -- some of them are funky (hangman and sudoku, for example).

* You added the ability to skip levels. I have not been able to finish PB#1 & 2 and I'd like to see the remaining puzzles. And more importantly the solutions and logic to the ones I can't figure out. This is one of my favorite features of PB#3.

* The artwork is fabulous as in previous installments.

* There's still some guessing to the answers. Perhaps you could check for "other right answers"? For example, in Close Observation, I guessed what you were referring to but typed 3 other names for it. Then I figured I was missing something and spent a bunch of time looking for a different answer. It was frustrating to find that I was originally correct but didn't guess your name for the item!

I'm looking forward to future installments and I hope you let me skip levels in 1&2!

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

First off, thanks for this thoroughly detailed and motivating review. It really makes me want to start working on another Puzzle Book ;)

What regards updating both previous releases I have to disappoint you. For now. I may consider updating them but at the moment I'm afraid it isn't possible. One reason is that I want to work on an animation someday. A second reason is the lack of ideas. I need some time to collect enough ideas for new puzzles. When I'm ready I'll make another game, I promise. But for now I'm not able to. Sorry.

That's exactly the reason why I included the Skip button. As you could see in the reviews to PB1 there have been some complaints stating that they couldn't complete the game due to my confusing puzzles. And yeah, they were right. So to avoid this problem I thought of putting a Skip button in there. I'm glad I did.

In future releases I may include an option to see if your answer is heading the right way or perhaps a little advice when it's totally wrong in addition to the hint.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the games and thank you for motivating me and reviewing :D

kinda dumb

Glitched out on one of the games (i completed it and it didnt advance)
Made me say screw it, i'm tired of googling things to beat a game (which shouldn't have "use google" as a gameplay element

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

I don't know on which game you glitched out but I just played the whole game and could advance everytime.

Using the google method was probably only on the Grandma's Recipe level. But I'm going to leave out searching on the web in future releases.

Thanks for reviewing.

It started out ok...

The game started out alright, with shape and pattern recognition, reasoning, riddles, critical thinking, etc. But I very quickly lost interest when I got to the recipe puzzle and the geometry puzzle... challenging the player to think in unconventional ways is one thing, but I didn't play this game to do maths problems or search for recipes on Google. One thing that's a personal pet peeve of mine is when games require the player to leave the game in order to do something; why would you not give clues to the answer for the cake puzzle within the game, instead of saying "search the world wide web?"

The game started out as a fun puzzle game with various types of puzzles, but there was a point where the puzzles stopped being puzzles and started being work.

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

You may have a point there but that was probably the only puzzle that required searching the WWW. Plus, the picture of the recipe with the black and white pastry around is already a hint. If you knew some cakes with "black and white" pastry you didn't need to search the WWW.

Thanks for your criticism. I'll try to make things better in future releases.


I just wish there were more games like this, thanks for making it. And to MonoFlauta, yeah i was wishing for a mute button too after a while. Turns out there was one, up next to the menu button when you're playing.

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

There will be more Puzzle Books in the future. I hope to continue them as long as I can.

Thanks for your positive feedback :)


I love it :) really awesome, maybe a mute button would make it better, but really good work :)
Best Regards,
MonoFlauta :)

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

Haha, there was a mute button in almost every frame :D

Thanks for your positive feedback.

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4.58 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2011
7:30 PM EST