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Author Comments

Designed and programmed in 2009 by Blake Leftwich in Flash using Actionscript 2.0

I created this game with the goal of staying true to classic brickbreaker gameplay while utilizing modern game design to evolve the genre. PANIC is easy to learn and every challenge, although varied, only requires knowledge of basic techniques to overcome. I hope this has yielded an addictive game that is accessible to anyone and appealing to everyone.

In addition to tweaked ball control and the ability to aim and launch the ball I added bonus stages like baseball and juggling, gravity and a risk/reward system that increases the score multiplier and ball speed with each bounce. As a fan of classic games, I simply aimed to make the brickbreaker I always wanted to play.

INSTRUCTIONS: Multiplier and ball speed increases with each bounce. Click the mouse to cash in your points and slow the ball.

DESIGNER NOTES: I've been playing brickbreakers and pong since the early 80s so I prefer to play on hard mode. You can put "english" on the ball by clicking the mouse around height of the bounce (when it turns to come back down). The enemy on wave 3 of stage 1 can capture the ball. If you destroy him (by bouncing him off your paddle a few times) when the ball is captured, you will get more points and the ball will return to its starting speed without cashing in your points. I have used this technique to get a perfect run of the first stage never clicking to cash in. I've never played a perfect game. If someone does, please post it! Yes, clicking the mouse key to cash in your points in called "pressing the panic button". Hehe!

Thank you for playing!


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great! this is really something. the first time I played it I didn't know about the panic button so, I got a little excited when I noticed the gravity and a little frustrated when the speed grew out of control even maintaining it's angle, position and velocity between levels. that was still really fun though. upon reading the author comments however I first thought "it's not a risk/reward mechanic if I have no way to control it and mitigate the risk, it's just mounting difficulty" then I kept reading, felt silly and went back to play again. very cool how you can click to slow it down, I also like that if you use it strategically you can actually control the ball a little in the air. I actually cleared the last 5 bricks of one level without letting it come down just by timing the slow down to get it to fall where I wanted (not the best way to wrack up score but it was fun and cool).
the only bad thing is, the window is kind of small and sometimes my mouse drifts out of it, which can easily cost a life/ball any time it happens. locking the mouse into the game window would make this pretty much a perfect game.

Good Game

Definitely deserves a 10/10

Good Game

Definitely deserves a 10/10, the bonus stages are all very nicely and creative addition!

Breakout to be proud of

Great breakout game play, simple but clean graffix and good controls.
The Bonus games are what makes the game perfect. After the 4th round, the baseball field. That was a most excellent IDEA !!!!!

5 / 10 !!!!

Credits & Info

4.57 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2011
1:28 PM EST