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Polygon Racer 3D

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Author Comments

Polygon Racer 3D is a racing game in which the player must race against the clock in a rally across the USA. There are 12 races in total, each corresponding to a state of the United States, going from California to the Maine. In each races, the player must reach the end within the time limit. At each quarter of the race, a time bonus will be awarded. Traffic, obstacles on the road and the type of road itself slow the player down and forces him to adapt his driving. Upgrades can be bought, namely tires, engines and gearboxes to improve the performances of the player's vehicle.

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Would've been an otherwise decent racing game, but damn, the traffic hitboxes are huuge, you're not allowed to drive anywhere near traffic or you'll be stopped dead for a couple seconds, and given that racking up the traffic is one of the few ways this game handles difficulty, the game becomes nigh unplayable midway

If Nintendo's Rad Racer and Atari's Battlezone had a child...

Overall, this game is beautiful and handles likes a dream. The vector animations are smooth, and I never experienced any lag once during gameplay. The simplistic style of the artwork takes me back to the old days of vector games in the arcades, and especially Rad Racer. Clone or not, you did this in Flash, and it is amazing.

The music tracks were also very nice, and fit well with the retro style of the game. Though I haven't sampled them all, "Up Heaven's Chimney" was very catchy, and got me through most of the game.

I've looked through the past comments, and I can't say I've experienced the hitbox errors. Sadly, Flash DOESN'T work the same on every computer - I use both Macs and PCs on a daily basis, so I've seen how badly Flash can glitch up.

There is one gripe I have, though: the difficulty. Going through the "story mode" of the game, the difficulty of is very well balanced all the up to the New York track. Suddenly, I'm looking at twists and turns, weaving traffic in ALL lanes, and a very unforgiving time limit. I'm all for challenge, and I really don't mind the difficulty level at all - even though I can't finish the track. :)

The problem is, up until then, every other level was a cake walk by comparison. I could hit collisions on the sides of the road, play bumper cars with the drivers, have a slow start at the beginning, and I'd still win. It felt evenly paced, and each track felt like a scenic route that I could sit back and enjoy. In New York, though, racing a near-perfect run (after 10 tries or so) would still put me past the 0:00 timer, and I'd only pass the checkpoint because I hadn't rolled to a stop yet... even with my car fully upgraded.

As I said, though, this game is overall a piece of solid gold. It's very fast, very addicting, and all around fun. Hell, I kinda feel lame bringing up the New York "issue," considering how the rest of the game rocks so hard! I'm looking forward to more like this.


well done, you've got me hooked! 8D

Very Fun and Addictive!

I really like this game. I tend to lose because I'm a SPEED DEMON but thats ok. It is fun! I get really pissed and swear at the game for not accelerating fast enough after a crash. I would hate the game for that but it is just too much fun and really crazy addictive. I really like it.

The music is awesome!!! There are some very good racing songs there that i really enjoy so nice job there. I really like the whole feel.

On the 3D part I tried it and it is ok but I can't see it....personally it could be that my eyes have a hard time processing 3D for some reason but I've read other reviews saying it didn't work there either. BUt couldbe their eyes, lol.

Anyway, great game, I loved it (love) and am still playing it. SO ADDICTIVE!!


This review will self-destruct in- BOOM!

good music!

i liked the game, its fun to play but as others had said, the hit boxes need to be fixed, one time i crashed something invisible ¬¬

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2011
10:02 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 6, 2011