World Revolution RPG

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Alien Trace 5 Points

Completed first Nathan's task

Heaven and Hell 10 Points

Feather and Hell joined your team

Pilgrimage 10 Points

Visited Highland City

Zero Void 10 Points

'Zero Void' pistol purchased

Space Crusade 25 Points

Completed K.A.U.F.O.'s storyline

Supremacy 25 Points

Grid reached 30th level of experience

Technolize 25 Points

Completed Meta-Fighters' storyline

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Whom will you help to reach their goals? Devoted exterminators of alien influencers on human evolution? Cyber-enhanced freedom-fighters? Or the extra-terrestrial guests who claim their good will?

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Top game! Took me a day to go through, but definitely worth it.

The story is good, the gameplay too (using "A" key to attack ofc) and sound/bgm is nice. There's only one thing that prevents a full 5-star rate: The RNG is extremely influential and this is a no-no in RPGs - as it leads to extremely unlikely, unfair and punishing moments for a player while offering almost nothing in return.

(So, it's not a "high risk high reward" thing, but a "high risk and go f*** yourself" thing)

And this can be mostly seen on the 3 or more consecutive evades by enemies that are SHOT with firearms. Made the whole point of Accuracy stat bogus.

Still, by overgrinding, this can be moderately surpassed.

A tip for all players:

1- This game is grindy. It takes a whole day to get to level 30 and do all quests, on "normal" pace.
2- Grenades are the best weapon in the game, that's why they are limited in quantity in shops and must be looted from enemies. Also, pay attention to any equipment that increase their effect.
3- You should go to level 28 or 29 before initiating any of the final quests (there are 3 of them). Then you can finish one, load, finish another, load and finish the last.
4- No ending is happy for everyone.

It's ok but one issue is the fact that I can't put the stats wherever I want no matter what. I can only put +5 on one stat at a time which sucks. It needs to let you spend your stats HOWEVER you want! Not a set ammount as the max. As for the random batle part, that's good. But let us go into a screen which let's us do this:

-Easy Mode. Enemies are 50% Weaker. -25% exp
-Normal Mode. Enemies are average.Normal exp.
-Hard Mode. Enemies are 50% Stronger. +25% exp.
-Very Hard Mode. Enemies are 100% Stronger. +50% exp
-Impossible Mode. Enemies are 150% Stronger. +100% exp
-Nightmare Mode. Enemies are 200% Stronger. +150% exp

And give a sandbox mode where we can level and stuff with ALL THE SAME THINGS EXCEPT: We can choose the average level of enemies(And choose if they are Bosses or not).

It's okay. I wouldn't say it's the best game ever as the game still has space for new stuff. It's kind of repetive with sort of the same enemies and gameplay. Still, good job.

To fucking many random battles!



Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2011
4:30 AM EST
Adventure - RPG