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World Revolution RPG

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Alien Trace 5 Points

Completed first Nathan's task

Heaven and Hell 10 Points

Feather and Hell joined your team

Pilgrimage 10 Points

Visited Highland City

Zero Void 10 Points

'Zero Void' pistol purchased

Space Crusade 25 Points

Completed K.A.U.F.O.'s storyline

Supremacy 25 Points

Grid reached 30th level of experience

Technolize 25 Points

Completed Meta-Fighters' storyline

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Whom will you help to reach their goals? Devoted exterminators of alien influencers on human evolution? Cyber-enhanced freedom-fighters? Or the extra-terrestrial guests who claim their good will?

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Another fun RPG style game and some good depth in this game Alright you have some good ideas here and I like the concept of this whole thing There was no real lackluster points or anything really lacking, there is a grind to get up in level but is still fun


Started good but it won't play in player.

Hey there, not sure many people will actually see this, but this was and still is one of my favourite flash RPGs, although it's obviously rough around the edges.

However, I saw a lot of people found the game pretty difficult. In my experience, it's not a tough game, but it's one of those RPGs which baits you into playing a certain way and then punishes you for it. Here's a bit of a guide, hope it helps if you're playing!

- Use hotkeys in combat. Press A and click to attack your target. Press D and click to use an active device on the target. U or I opens your inventory (for medipacks or grenades) and space defends (only really useful for Feather but still worth knowing). This massively increases the speed you get through fights and makes the high random encounter rate before Level 20 less of a chore. To be honest, I agree with others that the hitboxes on actually clicking the buttons are pretty wonky, so... don't use them. c:

- Building Grid. Grid will be your best character whether you make him an attacker or a device user - they're about equal in my experience. You can also play Grid as a tanky healer but I wouldn't recommend it, it makes fights take way too long and you've got a lot of fights to get through.
- Increase VIT, DGR, ACC and LUK every level.
Technician/Device User:
- Over the first 6 or so levels, increase TCH, DGR, ACC and LUK every level.
- Then increase TCH, DGR, VIT and LUK instead. Once you get to an amount of HP you feel comfortable with you can allocate ACC over VIT again if you like but it shouldn't be too necessary. Grid will still hit hard with his guns but does not have (almost) guaranteed crits like attacker Grid does.

- Combat tactics. This is absolutely not a game like Sonny 2 (on a Legend run) where you need to take care of your defence before you go on the offence. Going full offensive is the way to go even on the bossfights. Many enemies are quite good at keeping themselves alive, but they're generally much slower to act than you are; and also may have devices which can buff their allies such as giving them an extra turn, but as long as you have high single-target damage you will kill at least 2 enemies before they get to unload their attacks.

Someone called malomano13 made a helpful guide on what enemies actually do, mostly learn which enemies can heal and kill them first. https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/games/medal-games/world-revolution-rpg#wiki_toc_2

In my opinion their character ratings are a bit off. Many of the characters in World Revolution are technically good but very defensive; like Feather, Katenka and Lexic. The most reliable characters by far are Craven, Key, Kage and Hell (in that order). Karry is also good but somewhat moot as you get him very late in the game and in exchange for Key. This is all because it's much safer to reduce the enemy numbers quickly rather than trying to weather waves of attacks from 6+ enemies.

Pistols with 3 reload are completely broken. Both Grid and Key are pistol users by default. Craven should be wielding a pistol rather than a sniper because he has an amazing TCH stat - use offensive devices on him - and this allows him to take turns as often as possible. The only strong characters (for the record, the game is beatable with pretty much any party combination) who shouldn't be using pistols primarily is Kage, and Hell who can use the Gauss Rifle if you prefer once you're a high enough level to use it.

You should always have at least one character who uses direct damage devices (Punish, Demolisher - for Karry exclusively, X-Deformus and X-Confirmatus; and for Hell, Hellfire and Hell Dice). Direct damage devices cannot miss but cannot crit. They also ignore the DR of 80%+ of enemies. Direct damage devices *massively* outperform attacks in the early-midgame and even when you get to high levels you still want someone capable of quickly killing enemies with annoyingly high evasion like Aliens.

And for active device users - you start combat with half of your total EP. So for a character who just needs to use a device once to set-up a fight, you want them to have double the cost. For someone like Craven who's supposed to attack with a device as often as possible, you want their EP to be close to four times the device's cost. This gives you two uses on demand which is enough to let your attackers clean-up the fight.

- General tips. Try and buy the Punish device from Nikky Village before you go to Integra City. This saves you a long walk back later on. As soon as you can, buy another Punish device from Vladimir in the Meta-Warriors' Hideout. These should be equipped on Craven and Key (give one to Grid instead if you're building him with TCH) and will make the early-midgame a complete cakewalk.

Here's a world map with all of the locations (I believe) marked. https://i.imgur.com/LnVeOBN.png?1

For the 'Help Vaccuol and Becord' quest, Vaccuol's items are found in Sirth, Jade Island and (iirc) Sam's Farm. Becord's are found in Integra, Jade Island and the Military Base.

Once you get to Level 20, use the Deus Mountain Chain (southeast area of the map) as often as possible to travel between locations as there are no random encounters there.

After you get to the point where the Impendence captain in Port tells you to retrieve his Vacuum Engine, save in another file. This is right before the point where you have to pick who to side with (for the ending achievements as well as for the game itself). Shortly afterwards, you'll either sail to the Alien Base yourself or run into Karry who'll offer to do the same.

Siding with Aliens is by far the toughest path. Don't go near to the northwest of the map when you do as you constantly run into 8xKAUFO Agents who're about the only thing likely to hand you a game over. If anyone in your party can't use damage devices and can't heal well, either (characters like Kage and Lexik), equip them with Lemon 3 and start every encounter with them by chucking a high-level grenade.

If you're ever having trouble with an encounter, don't be afraid to toss grenades. In fact, for those times in the game where you have to use 1 or more characters who aren't that impressive, it's great to give them a 'Lemon' type device, especially Lemon 3 which *doubles* grenade damage.

Very important: after recruiting Feather in the Paradark Region (southwest, near Dark Capitol) and fighting Dekkis later, go to Jade Island. You'll obtain the Double Fellow device which is the best passive device in the game, granting the user a double-attack (Key gets a triple-attack, but this is less beneficial for her than Demon-6).

- Character tips.
Key: Give her the Punish device until Level 15. Afterwards, give her 'Demon-6' (bought from iirc, Sam's Farm) as her device. This basically gives her a 300% damage basic attack which more than makes up for her mediocre DGR stat. I'm pretty sure Key gets a hidden skill either at Level 15 or Level 20 which makes Aliens unable to evade her attacks.

Craven: Is effective with sniper rifles as a physical attacker using his -3 reload perk but truly shines using damage devices. Give him Punish until he has a total of 150< EP, after which you can switch to using Demolish (bought from Integra City). If you already have a character who uses single-target damage devices (like TCH Grid or Karry) you can give him Bombada once he has 190< EP. Make sure not to use Bombada while they still have multiple healers alive.

Kage: Can effectively stun a single opponent with Black Runner 3 equipped. This gives his melee attacks 2 reload and each one that hits will increase their reload by 1. Combined with his chance for a double-attack passive, this is really strong. However, Kage is an excellent Double Fellow user as well if you have a party like TCH Grid, Key, Kage and Craven. Bear in mind some enemies get doubled damage reduction against melee attacks and Kage also can't target healing or support units in the backrow if frontrow enemies are still alive.

Feather: If you want to play a safe party, give her no weapon and the Punish device. With her EP regeneration perk she can use it every turn for passable damage, and can give you big heals from consumable items.

Hell: Her devices are technically amazing but her TCH is too low to make good use of them. Hellfire is good for a little while after you get it, afterwards just equip her with a good weapon and a good damage-boosting device like Demon-6, Shadow Runner 3 or Double Fellow (noticing a pattern here?). Once she gets 120< EP you can equip her with Hell-Dice if you like. Her attacks will be pretty weak after using it but ~150 damage instantly kills almost all non-boss enemies in the game. Either way; her stats are incredibly good, but she's hindered by having poor level-up skills compared to other attackers.

Kurt: He isn't 'the best' but he's quite respectable, although you do recruit him late. I wouldn't use shotguns on him, shotguns are really poor weapons in the game unfortunately even with his +30% damage using them. I recommend using Kurt with a reload 4 pistol and a passive damage boost device of choice. Since the rest of your party will move at reload 3 or faster, 2 enemy units will probably be dead already which means he'll hit decently hard.

Karry: Their personal device X-Confirmatus is the hardest-hitting thing available in the game - however, it can be just as good if not better to equip the A-Caster (which has an incredibly quick 2 reload), Bombada and spam your device - X-Deformus works too as it's basically Demolish if you want single target over AoE. You only get to use them for a few missions and on a certain story branch but they're probably the best character after Grid.

Okay I rambled on a lot longer than I meant to already so, again hope this helps if you actually skimmed this, hmu if you need anything.

Top game! Took me a day to go through, but definitely worth it.

The story is good, the gameplay too (using "A" key to attack ofc) and sound/bgm is nice. There's only one thing that prevents a full 5-star rate: The RNG is extremely influential and this is a no-no in RPGs - as it leads to extremely unlikely, unfair and punishing moments for a player while offering almost nothing in return.

(So, it's not a "high risk high reward" thing, but a "high risk and go f*** yourself" thing)

And this can be mostly seen on the 3 or more consecutive evades by enemies that are SHOT with firearms. Made the whole point of Accuracy stat bogus.

Still, by overgrinding, this can be moderately surpassed.

A tip for all players:

1- This game is grindy. It takes a whole day to get to level 30 and do all quests, on "normal" pace.
2- Grenades are the best weapon in the game, that's why they are limited in quantity in shops and must be looted from enemies. Also, pay attention to any equipment that increase their effect.
3- You should go to level 28 or 29 before initiating any of the final quests (there are 3 of them). Then you can finish one, load, finish another, load and finish the last.
4- No ending is happy for everyone.

It's ok but one issue is the fact that I can't put the stats wherever I want no matter what. I can only put +5 on one stat at a time which sucks. It needs to let you spend your stats HOWEVER you want! Not a set ammount as the max. As for the random batle part, that's good. But let us go into a screen which let's us do this:

-Easy Mode. Enemies are 50% Weaker. -25% exp
-Normal Mode. Enemies are average.Normal exp.
-Hard Mode. Enemies are 50% Stronger. +25% exp.
-Very Hard Mode. Enemies are 100% Stronger. +50% exp
-Impossible Mode. Enemies are 150% Stronger. +100% exp
-Nightmare Mode. Enemies are 200% Stronger. +150% exp

And give a sandbox mode where we can level and stuff with ALL THE SAME THINGS EXCEPT: We can choose the average level of enemies(And choose if they are Bosses or not).

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2011
4:30 AM EST