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Society (The Flash Game)

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Author Comments

A society that doesn't grow is dead.

A society that isn't moving forward is moving backwards.

A good society will never be stopped.

- randomly generated levels
- online high scores
- short levels that are perfect for a lunchtime break

[I'll visit this page fairly frequently, so leave some comments if you have something you want to say!]

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Quick, Classic Fun

I'm a big fan of any Civ-esque game that's quirky, fun, and quick. This succeeds in all three of those things. The randomization is cool and the time-limit keeps things moving. Bonus: The sound & music reminds me of my C64-addled childhood.

jrjellybeans responds:

Hey, thanks a bunch! I'm glad you liked it!

As for the music, they weren't made by me, unfortunately :) They were made by whatzedeuce and minus 5. I'd definitely recommend checking out their other music!

Thanks for playing!

Fun, simple, addictive!

I quite liked this game. It certainly brought together some elements of gameplay I never would have imagined, kind of like a real-time strategy imaged in 8-bit style. I had a bit of fun with this, but the only critique is the presence of a timer, which I assume is an integral part of the game. But maybe you should add a story mode, whereby you take over a map of a culture, then get promoted to another, more difficult map upon completion. OR maybe there should be an item on field that gives you more time to maximise your Culture.

Apart from that, I didn't find any real glitches, and found it to be a pretty enjoyable play! Thanks. =)

Works find for me :D

Interesting. The turtorial is pretty detailed. game play is not bad. But I hate the timer, run out too fast. Also, why is it that the leader is a girl? Cant guys lead too?Would be better if there was a gender choice.

Though, this game made alot of obvious facts.
-The leaders of a society 'harvest' followers.
-Cultures destroys other cultures. Which is true![ethical brain washing etc etc]
-All kinds of society cannot survive the passage of time. Ultimately, it has to be replace by another culture or its leaders will die.

jrjellybeans responds:

I think you 'got it'!

Actually, you went a little deeper than I intended! But, it's nice to know that you liked the game.

As for the timer, I'd consider making it longer if more people wanted it!


The low rating is mostly because it took me three tries to get to the actual game.
In the first page of the instructions, something happened and my 'next' and 'back' buttons disappeared, meaning I had to restart.

That aside, the game was OK. Gameplay was a bit strange, I think I'd like it better if there were enemies which attacked you etc, rather than just a race against the clock while keeping an eye on your health. That way the game can go on indefinately, and not whenever time just runs out.

jrjellybeans responds:

Actually, I encountered that problem myself, I was hoping it was a fluke. Guess it wasn't, heh :)

I'll try to figure out what the deal is. Thanks for pointing this out!

Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2011
8:20 PM EST