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Wizardraw is a gesture-drawing based defense game where you haev to draw the glyphs shown above enemies to kill them. Some enemies are tougher and require multiple glyphs to be chained. You can see you current to the top-left of screen, and can delete one glyph with a right to left line gesture. Good luck!

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It don't aim at the nearest enemy
And it needs touchscreen

Well done

This felt like a well put together game without any noticable glitches or lag issues.

A few things I'd work on from a functional stand point would be the mentioned inability to differentiate glyphs as the enemies increases and there were times when it wouldn't register I was drawing til halfway through if I started too quickly after finishing an attack.

I actually found the game moderately easy. After a certain point, the difficulty tapers off to where only physical exhaustion would have stopped me if I hadn't given up after 500 baddies. On this point, I'd recommend longer chains and more complicated glyphs.

could be awesome...

...with a pen pad... it would be perfect!

I like it

I like the game a lot. I agree with TheWanderingBard I didn't have trouble recognizing the glyphs but as the amount of enemies increased it got hard to see which belonged to which so that should be worked on. I also think that an upgrade system would be good.

The most fun I've had in a while

For what it is, its a really clever and simple idea. I never had a problem with it recognizing my glyphs, but the number of enemies soon made it a problem of figuring out who the glyphs belonged too. But I agree with xLTZerox, making it score based kind of demeans it.

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4.06 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2011
3:07 PM EST