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I do apolagise but i still wanted too share my song with newgrounds
Its 35 seconds long
all guitar and recorded via acoustica, and mixed via acoustica.
drum beat was produced on Fl studio 9 demo.


Dear guy below me-

You apparently did not read it. Newgrounds for some reason would not accept his musix.

My emoticon rating ( . Y . )

-The NewKing

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squiral responds:

thanks guy above me :D :D

.... wtf

uh, dude? you know there's, like, an audio portal for this kind of thing, right? oh, wait, that's what the 'mp3' thing is about, huh... well, besides that, cool theme if a little short, but it could've used a better title than just... "theme". you know?


squiral responds:

yeah i said i had trouble uploading to audio portal -_-
thanks for the score anyway its short because its and intro theme i did for someone.

Somethings off....

I think its the high-hat for the rythm. sounds like its about .005 seconds slow. You may not think it matters, but it makes the whole thing sound a little laggy. I think you may have accidently tapped the arrow key to slide the sound file.

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squiral responds:

mate i know what you mean, it was done in audacity, and that program moves things on its own after you record O.o
and yes it makes all the difference

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Jan 3, 2011
9:45 AM EST
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