Crystal Runner

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Mix of old classic games such as Pacman, Pipeman and Bomberman.


dont work for mee

damm doesnt work for me! D:


For me its not working either. Ive come to the conclusion that some browsers WILL NOT work. One of them Being GOOGLE CHROME. if you guys are using that try using another one to view this. Suggestion to both authors you check this and please post that in Author comments. it seems many people dont know this and arent rating well. it will help you allot to inform the frustrated people:)

5/10 stars- im giving a 5 for middle score. Gonna try this on another browser and
then give the actual Vote score

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qdrj responds:

Thanks for this feedback!

I tried to implement ng preloader and everything was smooth for me. But as I can see there are some troubles. I already upload fixed version.

Guys sorry for this crap!

Not working

I simplily pressed play a thousand times and it only appears a white screen,what's happenning? I can't give a rating to this.

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And now, for me!

I'm going to do a rare thing. I'm going to agree with someone below me. That almost never happens. Nevertheless, I have to say it. This is a rather good game, despite my hatred of time limits. I mention that because ONE of my grievances about time limits is that there isn't actually enough time to do the physical work. So, as Yoshado said...Level 16. There is not enough time for our little man to do his duty, not even by the skin of his teeth. And oh, but I did try! Suffice to say, would you either change this or show us the trick, because I see no way around this very linear puzzle.

That said, I'm not going to dock you much for that. Overall, it's a fun game and I haven't had too much trouble with it. So yay! (Now, spill the beans.)

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There is something wrong with lvl 16...

95% of the time my character would just die from time out shortly after the 5ยบ coin, however, in 2 ocasions I got a speed boost that allowed me to get near the ship with 7 coins, but then it returned to "normal" speed. No idea whats going.

On another subject, its really annoying that you dont regain your used bombs on a failed atempt , not that bombs were really necessary or usefull, but still...

You should also rethink the whole rescuing system. It gets almost impossible to save them from black holes when you have many people following you (i.e 4). Either your bridges could remain for a couple seconds when you leave the crystal or the bombs should block projectiles.

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3.63 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2011
4:51 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle