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Miles' Dress-Up Game!

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This is a flash game I threw together in the last second (last 4 hours actually)
I found a really useful tutorial on how to make these, and i have to admit, it's pretty easy to do so.

For now, only Cindy The Hedgehog is available,
but you can drag Miley around the screen, that should do fine for a replacement I guess xD

I might update this with Miley's dress up,
or submenus for the clothes, because it's a chaotic mess, all those clothes @.@
I didn't have enough place to put the hair, so I had to do like ou can see xD

Also, I have noticed issues with the full screen button on deviantart (I'm cclueless, because it works just fine on the .swf file on my pc @.@
So here's the link to the full screen version: http://thewingfortresszon e.webs.com/Flash/FlashDre ss-Up1.swf

Have fun? xD

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you should add more people to dress and this time MAKE MILEY MOUSE WORK!!!!!!!

nice work

all i would like to see in this game is more characters and clothes and some music for the game will be nice

not bad

Pretty good at least better then my flashes xD

oh boy...

I usually don't go for dress-up games as they are usually all the same. This one is no different, plus its unfinished... that only adds salt and lemon juice to my already gaping wound.

If you are going to submit to here, make sure you have the following:
artistic ability

if you have none of these... don't submit here.

You need to work hard to make a good flash, and the patience to do so.
Don't ever rush and fall victim to ambition. It will only give you a bad name if you submit bad content to newgrounds.

Browse around newgrounds' tutorials and maybe pick up a technick or two, then apply what you've learnt in your next submission.

MileyMouse responds:

Thanks for the advice, but I merely submitted this here to see what people think of this and how I can improve it before entirely finishing it.

Also, I know it's only half finished, but if I hid the other button of the second character, if would also be half done, but would anyone even notice it?
I don't think so.

I made this game because I wanted to, i re-used old material I had already drawn because I wanted to see if i could make this work,
nand to see if I was even able to make this.
what would be the point of drawing new models and clothes for something the might not even work?

Now that I know it works, I can edit ikt later, add more clothes, sub-menus and additional characters.

Also, this is Newgrounds, the home for flash animations, games, movies and music.
I do not see why all content here MUST be complete,
If I want to submit works in progress to see what other people think, to get building-criticism, to find flaws and bugs in the BETA, so I can remove the bug and make it better, then why are you so angry at me?

tl;dr version:
if you're a troll, then gtfo
if you want to give real critisism, I won't stop you, in fact, I will be glad to have you.

Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2010
8:08 AM EST