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Arctic Rush

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Our Gamejam #2 submission (more later)

EDIT: sorry to those of you who played our game right out of judgement, I uploaded the wrong file... Twice.

EDIT: make that 3

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it id good

uhhhh it is good

Great game

but i HATE THE SNOW OWL!!!!!
Its beams are at times undodgeable.

Also i think that the beam could have been way more epic. it stood out, certainly. because it was the only thing that looked slightly amateuristic. i remember it not being that hard to make the laser beam.... you know..... glow.

but i'm certainly impressed, making this in 3 days. unreal!

Good game

really nice for the time limit, and i like the originality, im jw though, do the bosses have health or do they just stay alive for a set amount of time?

VicBiss responds:

have health

very cool

I like the idea, it's very cool being a wolf as well. funny and cool enemies, love em. I like your take on this game, I have to use a mouse rather than the touch pad I have on my laptop, very difficult in that matter, but other than that an awesome game, oh and good graph.s

funny game.

I liked the animals, and the strange thematic, the art it's good, but I think this game could be a little better, with combination of art and new abilities for the wolf you could beat the unicorn one.