Custom BMX Painter

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Build your dream BMX!
I've wanted to bulit one of these for a long time. There's a few on the web but they all suck! I'd love to hear what you think and what I should improve on. :)


Not bad, I wish there was more than 2 backgrounds, also, I felt that the colour panel got in the way of the bike in some places.

Other than that, brilliant.

4 stars


wont let me play :/ ??

TheColourAwesome responds:

What do you mean?

Really Nice

An idea would to be different vehicles too, like a skateboard.If you made a car creator like this it would HAVE to get front page.

TheColourAwesome responds:

Thanks man. I've been working on the sequel of this from a while now and I'm pretty happy with it so far. Blows this one out of the park. But its only bikes :(.


my bike has two different color rims. thats something you need to change!

TheColourAwesome responds:

as you saw on my post thats done and the bike looks way better in my new one then this peice of shit

Loved it

Honestly i loved the game. Like you said most games like this suck but really loved this one. I like that your able to color the bike (I played a game like this that all it did was let you choose the parts and didn't let you pick colors or design). I also liked that you correctly named the parts. Some things I think you should work on though is maybe add options to create a rider and customizations for that rider, add more than one background, and add decals for the bike. but other than those 3 things great job and hope to seen an updated version in the future.

TheColourAwesome responds:

Thanks :). Your just the person I made this for. I've never used a bmx game that you can swap parts in, sounds cool. Anyway, I will probably make A rider in my name update, No offence But that will probably be the last thing I work on, More bg's are totally do able and the game had decals But I toke them out because I didn't think anyone would use them. I will add them. Thanks for your input :)

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3.37 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
8:16 PM EST
Gadgets - Other