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Alley Fighter

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Author Comments

*Edit* Holy Crap Frontpage And I didn't even know about it! Thanks Tom.

This is a game about beatin' the living poo outta everything in sight! Punch, Kick, Pound, and Shoot your Enemies into Submission! This Brand New Version of Alley Fighter Features...

- New Stages!
- Updated Graphics!
- Smarter and Tougher Enemies!
- Power-Up's out the BUTT!!!

Whoa, Now that's a lot a new crud! Now You can really kick ass in style!


Space - PAUSE THE GAME! whoa!

Press the buttons in different button COMBINATION'S to do some serious damage!


* Non-Commercial Business. *

This game was made as an entry for this thread.

The 10 Kb Game Challenge:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1200828/1

I finished the game in like two or three days and it was certainly a challenge. I have to thank Archawn for starting that thread or might have never made this. unfortunately the file is no longer under 10kbs but still under 300kbs and that's only because of the sounds.

This brand new beefed up version does use MovieClips for the preloader and title screen but everything used by the main game engine is done completely through code.

I'm pretty sure I ironed all the bugs out of it but if you encounter any glitches or general weirdness be sure to tell me about it in a review or however you feel like informing me.

Also I have to say that I feel kinda bad for the kid who get his account delete for trying to upload the old crappy version without my permission, but hey, this ain't youtube. Heck you could have at least told me you were gonna upload it or asked if I could upload it,

Hope you enjoy the game and a good day to you!

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1789 high score. Fun game

1328 was my score. its pretty fun. i like the sound effects when you kill a big group at once.

A very classical beat-em-up game that was very stress releiving and fun to play.

I found that although the gun was fun to kill them with it started becoming slightly useless once you started racking up the big points (2500 and beyond) because they were spawning so fast and there were so many that you just couldn't afford the very slight standstill recoil that the gun created because you had to keep moving to not get killed.

I scored 4163, mainly because i was fighting smart, mainly staying barely out of their range and then using the kick (Which sends you flying forward a short distance, very useful) to kind of round them up by kicking them to the ground simultaniously making them get up at the same time and move to the same spot so i could repeat it. Remind yourself though, while this is VERY effective it is not unbeatable. Not by a long shot. Eventually they will come too close and you'll either take massive damage or get lucky and manage to run away to regroup yourself.

Anyway, this game made me a bit nostalgic and was pretty fun, but i can't give it more then four stars because of the repetetive style of gameplay and the fact that you had to strategically button mash the S button instead of using combos later in the game.

But overall a very decently made game, and i say kudos to you JoSilver for creating such a good game.

JoSilver responds:

Thanks! It was a small little project and I am quite pleased with how it came out. I'm glad people enjoyed it. I would like to fix this game up a bit but if I were to do that I'd make a whole new game. Maybe one day I will.

An ok game to pass time

3358 was my score


my high score 965

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2010
2:33 PM EST