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Paranormal Shark Activity

rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop

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Dec 28, 2010 | 8:11 AM EST

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Aquaman 5 Points Stay in the Sea for 1 Minute (after the shark attack)
Atomic Hoarder 5 Points Collect 10 Bombs
Fists of Fury 5 Points Damage the Shark with 10 Bombs
Hatrick Hero 5 Points Do a 20 Streak without falling in the sea
Icarus 5 Points Get 3 Jet Packs without falling down
Kangaroo Style 5 Points Bounce 20 Times
SuperStar 5 Points Get 50 Sky Bonuses
That was Close 5 Points Get 10 Near Misses
That was Delicious! 5 Points Get Eaten by the Shark 10 Times
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? 5 Points Score 1 Million Points
Amazing Streak 10 Points Do a 50 Streak without falling in the sea
Captain Ahab 10 Points Score 2 Million Points
Daredevil 10 Points Get 20 Near Misses
Lucifer's Hammer 10 Points Damage the Shark with 20 Bombs
Roger Rabbit 10 Points Bounce 50 Times
Sticky! 10 Points Land on 10 Grass Platforms
Superman 10 Points Get 100 Sky Bonuses
Take me Hades 10 Points Get Eaten by the Shark 30 Times
Weapons of Mass Distruction 10 Points Collect 20 Bombs
All I need is Stars 25 Points Get 300 Sky Bonuses
Bomberman 25 Points Damage the Shark with 100 Bombs
Bounce God 25 Points Bounce 200 Times
Face of Death! 25 Points Get 50 Near Misses
Ubermensch 25 Points Do a 100 Streak without falling in the sea
Victory Cry 25 Points Score 3 Million Points
Weeds of Doom! 25 Points Land on 30 Grass Platforms
Insane Collection! 50 Points Collect 100 Bombs
Paranormal Activity 50 Points Score 5 Million Points
Ubermensch is Nothing! 50 Points Do a 200 Streak without falling in the sea
Baywatch Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Meet the Tiger Shark! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

I've added 9 insanely hard to get Medals for those who are crazy enough to try them. :P
It might take a while till the game updates.

Now you will not slide while you're on wood platforms.

Hopefully the shark will always show up now.
Now the Air Walk glitch at the dock is fixed.

WOW Daily 2nd! Thanks guys! :D

The ad that shows up after being eaten has been removed since a lot of people are having problems submitting the score. :)

Medals approved!, thanks NG staff :)

I've spent almost a month on this game and I thought it's about time this get released. I've already released a public version to check problem and it seems it has quite a few. Most of them are fixed now. :)

I really hope the medals get approved soon.

All information on how to play and what to do are in the game. So play it! :D

Special thanks to:
Uchiha Kiki for the crazy idea :D
Toxic Acid for the tablet, I couldn't have done the art without it. ;)
Mahax and Appath for beta testing the game. :)
Mi mom and my brother for helping me out with the medal names and the "Say no to shark fin soup" board at the beginning.

Hope you all like it and have FUN!! :D

NOTE: If the shark doesn't show up then it's better to replay till I get this fixed.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome 10/10 5/5

the game is fun and addicting i like it but the shark disappeared on me in one of the games at the start. thought id let you know. :)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice Game for Shark Violence Lovers!!!

Man, sharks are getting popular, but, although people don't know it yet, they're endangered, because the supposedly Shark Fin Soup keeps people healthy. Turns out it doesn't, it just makes it a whole lot worse. Anyways, the medals were very well thought and I liked that you made a lot of medals for hardcore gamers. The introduction to the main menu will scare the life out of you if you're a newcomer and turned the volume really high. The introduction to the game also scared the life out of me, but when you stand on the first block and the shark comes out, don't worry. He can't bite you when you're on the block for the first few seconds, then when he backs up, you have to brace. The gameplay was really fun and I liked the fact that it was never ending, but that just makes collecting bombs and throwing them at the shark useless, right? WRONG! If you get far enough, there will be a Tiger Shark, although I never met him yet. The grass blocks are super annoying. I usually die because I land on the grass platforms and the shark is coming from behind me. Like matt-likes-swords told you (OMGZ!!! Matt can I have your autograph?), there were a few bugs, but you will understand them when you play long enough. The shark is enormous by the way, which is why two-thirds of the screen is occupied by him. Getting the "Near Miss" medals are easy as pie. When the shark is only occupying one-third of the screen, go close to, but not inside his mouth. Then quickly swim or run back because he is known to suddenly go foward and do his two-thirds of the screen attack. Continue doing this trick for a while to earn some of the "Near Miss" medals. This game is really addicting overall and I hope there will be even more addicting games created by you in the future!

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ThinXIII responds:

Wow man, I'm so happy that you like the game so much. :D
And yeah, I'll try to make better and addicting games in the future.

Oh, I should have ask for Matt's autograph too :D


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


fix the shark bug!!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

sharks are getting popular

Fun little game. Really liked the graphics and sound effects. Gave me a few frights, especially when finding one of the secret medals.

Controls could use a bit of work though. Jumping out of the water was annoying, yellow blocks are too hard to get past, the platforms appear near the right edge - instead of coming from off screen, when the jetpack ends i end up wasting bombs if I'm holding up etc etc.

Stuff like that made the game a bit unfair.

Also, I eventually managed to glitch it somehow; the shark was about to pop back on screen, but then he didn't, and he never came back. The exclamation mark stayed there forever too.

Could also use a bit more motivation to keep playing, besides the medals. Maybe different backgrounds or upgrades or something.

Overall it was still pretty fun.

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ThinXIII responds:

Wow!, thanks for the review man. All points taken. :D


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


holy pizza that thing is huge xD
i love this game