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Author Comments

I rushed the ending a bit, I was worried it would get to large a file size.

For all of you wondering THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SHORT!

Luigi gets a frog suit.

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not the worst so i'm trying to offset it! you're welcome! (even though 1 of 5000 wont really do anything)

I thought that was pretty cute.

Why does this video has half a star as a rating? This was awsum

Not the worst

I thought this entry was alright. Its main flaw was that everything just seems to be happening for no reason. Well, that's never been a problem before, but I guess it might be more that it takes awhile to understand what's going on. I don't know why Mario just punched Luigi, it wasn't that funny. I recognize the big goomba at the end from the games. You probably could have not done with the plain text being used.

I know that's hypocritical because I have no idea how to use that myself. At least you pointed out the absurdity of what was going on. The sprite work wasn't too bad in this either. It reminded me of "Super Mario Bros. Z" which I guess is always compared to stuff like this. It's too bad it got such a low rating here.

Mario8th responds:

ya, EVERYTHING'S compared to SMBZ. Kinda sucks.


I was like WTH!? Why is Luigi swimming backwards? And where'd you get the Mario sound like "HIIYAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" sound? Man, I totally lack right sounds and voices, anyways, I am totally gone, not that topic! It was well animated. Nice, man, If you need any more ideas PM me, It was so funny! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man.
Mario and Sonic met, then Bowser stomps on them, destroys Sonic, but still alive, then Mario goes Mega/Super thinking he passed away, then beats up Bowser then Mecha Sonic arrives, sees Sonic Knocked out, but thinks he is dead, so destroys Bowser, for revenge because he is the one needed to kill Sonic, Bowser survived then all started fighting, still Sonic is sleeping, dreaming of Nightmares of Amy, chasing him with a Hammer (Of course) then wakes up with Amy on his side, and screams like a girl! Knuckles saw the whole thing then started punching Sonic and says "Stop being like a GIRL!" then all, stopped fighting, saw Sonic and all his friends, but one is missing:LUIGI! Then an explosion occured, there's a smoke and Luigi is there! ANGRY! Uses Chaos Control or Blast, it's up to you!
~~~Part 2~~~
It's called Goomboss, and Chief Chilly (The Blue horny guy), and there were errors:ABANDON ship. THAT IS ALL.

Mario8th responds:

Ya, I've played almost every mario game, so I do know the games characters are from, and their names, but too lazy to type it =P.

Also, Like I said in a previous review, almost ALL sounds are from MFGG.Net. Really good for stuff like that.(I say almost because in my next video I have an explosion sound I didn't get from it.)

Also, since you seem to like my vids, would you mind subbing to my youtube account?


Credits & Info

1.57 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2010
4:19 AM EST