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Megaman's Christmas Carol

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Author Comments

Revision 1.11 Changes:
* Possible Medals support added. I just need Newgrounds to approve them.

Revision 1.10 Changes:
* A fairly large one should be noticable just above. Unless you're blind.
* Control set up added. No more complaining about the controls! If you want joypad, get JoyToKey.
* Difficulty select added. The changes each difficulty level makes is noted in game. If the game is too "Impossible", tune the difficulty down a notch.
* Various bug fixes to the Past fight.
* Present got a buff in Normal difficulty.
* Variety of graphical glitches have been fixed.
* Pressing enter on the first half of the intro now skips the entire thing.
* The "spawn weapon energy" code for the first half of Mysterious Foe has been made more lenient. You no longer have to run out of Weapon energy for it to trigger.
This basically means, that, you can't actually run out of weapon energy. That's the point of the enemies appearing.
* The Charging sound effect is now in Stereo. And has had it's volume turned down.
* The "Wiggle whilst you can't move" glitch has been removed. This also means you can't kill yourself after the final boss. Unless you're already OVER said pit as the boss dies.
* Mysterious Foe's first form has a new theme. This won't only be used here, so don't think the filesize boost is entirely useless.
* Megaman is now animated in the ending. Fixed minor colour issue with Mysterious Foe.
* Easter Egg added.
* This version was intending to have achievements added but.. er.. nope. That file got corrupted so this version will have to do instead. At least until I can re-do my work.
* Additional endings added per difficulty.

* Finish off unfinished boss fights.
* Add an additional attack to the Present boss fight, and an additional attack to the Future Hard mode boss fight.
* Add medals. (Again)
* Boss mugshots.

Revision 1.08 Changes:
* The Z and X buttons have been swapped. This was a fairly common complaint and i'm not sure why they were that way round to begin with.
* A few minor graphical glitches have been fixed.
Revision 1.07 Changes:
* Hopefully fixed all known glitches involving the Past boss fight.
* Toned Present down significantly. He spawns fewer projectiles.
* Swapped Past and Future's E-Tanks. With the right order you can now get every E-Tank in a single playthrough.
* Removed a now useless 1up from Mysterious Foe's area.
* First form of Mysterious Foe is now vunerable to Twinkle Buster.
* Second form of Mysterious Foe's final attack is less effective.
* Fixed glitch involving spawning outside the boss area. Hopefully. I couldn't replicate the glitch and can only try and fix what I assume the cause is.
* Quick Weapon selection has been added. (Buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)
* Game hints page added.
* An additional cheat code has been added so you can skip to the Final Boss.

Revision 1.05 Changes:
* Rebalanced first form of Mysterious Foe.
* Fixed glitch involving Past boss.
* Marley deals slightly less damage.
* Lives have been removed. An additional easy to reach Sub-Tank has been added in.
Revision 1.01
* Game Over Screen Glitch fixed.

It's Christmas time in 20XX, and one humbug is trying to stop Megaman and his friends from enjoying themselves!
Can you stop this Mysterious Villian and save Christmas from the deadly Robotic Reincarnations of Dicken's ghostly fiends?

This is Revision 1. More changes are planned for the future to expand the game.

Controls are:
Arrow Keys - Movement
X - Jump
X + Down - Slide
Z - Fire
Hold Z - Charge Megabuster
C - Quick Slide
Enter - Start/Weapon Select
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Quick weapon select

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very epic

Best Mega Man game on ng

Ok, so this game means SOOO much to me. I remember playing it ten years ago when it first came out, and was the first Megaman game I had ever played. It was what really got me into the games, even if I was horrendous at it. Being able to come back all these years later, finally having an account is something that makes me indescribably happy. Thank you for this wonderful game.

I beated this game on wut with buster only im so tired ,^o^,

Beat this game on hard mode. Learned all of the bosses pattern. Fingers are hurting after beating the game. That's basically how we all played old school mega man in the nutshell

Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2010
12:47 PM EST