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Helly Yeah

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Author Comments

The second game i have made in flash. Tried to make something different by implementing the terrain destruction system similar to that of the 'worms' game. There are some unique puzzles, and a pretty good amount of skill is needed. Have fun playing.

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Fun but bugged to the teeth. I had to stop at a"defense level" and reload the game. The reason I did that was because there were guns that i could not see that were shooting me down, my ship flew on and off screen by itself, my machine gun went from automatic to a very slow semi-automatic action, and I was supposed to defend the ships(WHICH I DID WHEN MY CURSOR-BLOCK-THING DIDN'T RANDOMLY DISAPPEAR). Too bad you didn't include a save feature and a high score table. Imagine this game with good graphics and yourself receiving money for your hard work.

good game

but as previously stated the map glitch and if you bomb through the bottom of a level you can just fly obstacle free till the end

still has bugs in it

when u hit the map key there is no way to get off the map


It starts fun then when it tells me to hit "Tab" for the map, I hit it and a white screen with a black "X" pops up and I can't get back to playing the game.

Interesting concept!

I really like the game play mechanic, it makes for a really interesting PROTOTYPE. You really should develop this out further and make a finished game with it. Despite its complete lack of polish and such, there are 3 bugs that I have found with the prototype.
1) Bombs always point towards the right, even when they are moving to the left.
2) The helicopter always faces to to the right, though this might not be a bug, I think it looks awkward especially in the later levels when youre moving to the left a lot. I think you should make it so that the helicopter remains facing the current direction, even while going in reverse, until a certain speed in that direction is reached and then you should flip the graphic.
3) Its really annoying when I blow up a wall but there is a tiny piece remaining that I continue to collide with. To fix this you should either set it up to check for small bits and delete them or if you dont want to do that, possibly have a way to detect that you are running into a extremely small piece and have the helicopter destroy it on collision.

I know I have critiqued a lot about the demo, but thats only because I REALLY LIKE IT. Its an awesome mechanic and im sure you could pull of some really cool stuff with it. Good luck, im looking forward to your game based off this. :)

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2010
5:16 AM EST