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Squadron Auriga

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Cadet 5 Points

Start new campaign

First Blood 5 Points

Kills a monster for the first time

Lieutenant 5 Points

Finished campaign level 3

Private 5 Points

Completed level 1 and level 2 campaign tutorial

Accountant 10 Points

Earn total 10000 Energy in domination mode

Captain 10 Points

Finished campaign level 5

Legendary Armies 25 Points

Finished campaign level 11

Squadron Leader 25 Points

Finished campaign level 9

Dominator 50 Points

Dominate more than 6 base

Marshall 50 Points

Finish all campaign levels

Merchant 50 Points

Earn total 30000 Energy in domination mode

The Pin Point Shooter 50 Points

Finished campaign level 6

Bank Robber 100 Points

Earn total 50000 Energy in domination mode

Mission Accomplished 100 Points

Finished all campaign levels

Author Comments

Squadron Auriga is a strategic defense game. You are the last remaining squadron on planet Insectus. Build units and upgrade your base to defeat the enemy.

Play 12 Campaigns and Play Domination. Full Control of Buildings and Units on the Battlefield, Complete Upgrade Systems, Strong Storyline, and much more!

- A S D W or Arrow Key to pan camera
- 1-9 Hotkeys for Buildings
- Z Hotkey to select all units
- SPACEBAR to unselect units/buildings

- Please play this game with FLASH PLAYER 10
- Flash Player 9 or older version are not recommended! You will get a FREEZE / LOCKS UP / etc..

- Added NG Medals
- Sniper mission is easier
- Interlevel Ads filtered, if you're still see them please PM us...

Thanks Newgrounds for the frontpaged!! ^^

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Fine but a little boring.

Nice little game you got there, I just beat it completely therefore can give a detailed review.

As many others mentioned, the sniper lvl (and also to an extend the rescue lvl) are much harder than the others. To kill the monster commander in the aniper lvl, the sniper himself has to kill dozens of other monsters first, that the base's maschine gun can't reach anymore. Sadly he takes forever to shoot, so the enemies come faster than he can kill, making the player pull him back multiple times until the monsters eventually come in a cheap order for a moment so he could keep up and try to get that one shot on the commander.
The rescue lvl consists of only using units, it took me a dozen tries to figure out it's best to collect 3 reinforcement groups at the base before advancing. Using the human robot units as tanks is also a must, or else the other units die too quickly, droping the damage output too much and getting the whole squad killed. Any reinforcements coming after that won't stand a chance against the enemies already at the base. When reaching the ship I'd have to select the 2 wounded VIPS immediately to pull them back to the base and using all my troops as shields on the front lines. If timed badly, the enemies can kill the two before they got behing my squad, and I can restart again.
Other than that the other levels where quite easy, I could've even finished the domination mode within 3 turns with only foot soldiers, but I wanted the 3 medals there.
And there comes the problem - the 3 domination medals won't unlock for me on the page here, although they do ingame. I just spent another 3h to build up those bases and max my energy income to lvl my frontlines and keep the last enemy base occupied, but even after reaching 100k energy, saving, and reloading the page, I won't get the medals.

If you'll ever notice this review here on that old game of yours, I hope you'll fix that bug (?), so I can unlock those last 3 medals ^-^

Besides that, good game, especially for its age. I'm not sure if the game quality standard back in the day was on that level, but I doubt it. It was frontpaged for a reason, so make sure it stays a good memory for old and new players ;)

"Sniper Mission"

Nice way to spill insect blood


Its fun

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2010
11:20 PM EST