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FrogMan the Series Episode 1

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EDIT: 5-25-14 I have uploaded a video version as well, so now, if anyone even cares, this should now be able to be viewed on a mobile device. The video version isn't the best quality 'cause I don't have the source files any more, but it's the same version taht's up on youtube! I have also fixed the errors in this description.

This was made back in June when I was still experimenting with anime studio (which by the way is in my opinion the worst animating program ever)
Any ways...


Title: A Series Is Born

Run Time: 6:10

Air Date: 9/1/10

Description: (series premier) FrogMan has defeated the Terrible Toad, and is immediately confronted by a director. FrogMan is then given his own reality Tv show and thus, "FrogMan The Series" is born. Meanwhile, learning of his new success, the villains devise an evil plan to get FrogMan's show off the air.

You will notice some mouths fly on screen at times, well that's due to anime studio being total shit!
So any ways, sit back, enjoy, and don't rate it low.

Somehow found this and want more? Follow my twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/xArtistunknown
There's also a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FrogManTheSeries

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Well judging by your earthbound flash I can imagine you've come a HELL of a long way since then huh?

artistunknown responds:

And I've come even farther since I started animating. Not going to find those on the internet though ;3

Well, what can I say. The quality of this is poor, and you know that already. In fact, it is so poor that I couldn't even watch it to the end. Also, the animations plainly suck... but you know that too.

But if I look past bad quality and poor animations, I see a flash that I would consider at least decent. Maybe not Front Page material, but I've seen far worse submissions than this one. What I like the most here is the voice acting. The voices are pretty clear and everything can be understood just fine. Another plus point is, that you have different voices (ie voice actors) for the characters. This helps a lot to get who is saying what. Another good thing is that you put sound effects into the flash.

So, overall the animations and the quality are bad, but the rest is good. I hope that you can put the animations and quality problems behind you in future episodes.

{ Review Request Club }

artistunknown responds:

Don't worry, the animation gets a lot better starting the 4th episode, and is actually pretty decent in the 5th. I'm still working on the 6th episode and since then I have learned so much more about animation. Thanks for the review!

There's a lot wrong with this. I could barely get through the first two minutes. The animation, for one is horrible. It feels 2-D and the sounds are half decent. It feels really forced, like the lines they're saying her choppy and barely relate to each other line.

The thing that is worst is that I feel the animation plus the comedy that tries to happen here does not work out. I think the best way to describe this is to say some comedy doesn't work out in certain forms.

Overall, I'll say I'm glad you gave it effort and kept the series going.
/ \
/ \
Review Request Club <(0.0)>

artistunknown responds:

I completely agree with this. It's a shame how bad of a first episode this is, I really think it's turned a lot of people off for the rest of a series that does get really good (in my opinion anyways). The animation gets a lot better in the 4th episode (and it's really a lot better in the 5th) because I finally switched over to flash. There is a lot of back story to this world and its characters, but no one except me knows about that, so that's probably why some of the setups and comedy don't work. Even though this is old and I have fixed some things with the episodes that haven't been made yet, it's still helpful. Thanks for the review!

I don't know how else to say this, but I think that this flash is bad. You even said yourself that the animation is bad, what with the animation ranging from barely anything besides mouth movements to extremely robotic hand motions and the like. Rendering issues not withstanding, the flash just looks bad. The style is very crude, which is a good style, but it isn't refined so it's very sloppy looking and weird.

The concept was cool, but I really didn't think the characters were that good. Frogman along with most of the cast was just unremarkable. The only character that I really found funny or even identifiable was the old frog character because of just how perverse he is and how blunt he is about it. Aside from that, the characters were kind of just one note and forgettable.

My giant rant aside, I really don't know what to say. I know you've improved in your later work, so I don't want to be overly harsh or come off sounding like a jerk. If I do, I'm sorry. Just remember your roots. Stay true to your style, but also change for the better.


Review Request Club

artistunknown responds:

Well, most of the problems with this seem to come from the fact that it wasn't made in flash. The program I used had extreme limitations so I couldn't really do much with art or animation, and the writing couldn't be too complex either because of these limitations. I know this is a bad first episode, but they get better as they progress, there's even more movement in the 2nd episode, though the art style doesn't change until half way through the third. The characters also develop personalities later on. This was really an experiment of telling a story through animation. I know it's odd having to review something that's bad when you know that they do get better later on. The first few episodes are pretty bad art and animation wise, but the stories and characters get better. I'm sure you'll find a bit more to like in the other episodes. Thanks for the review!

a good start.

The animation, as you know, is choppy, though the writing and pacing of it is great.

artistunknown responds:

So ya finally review the first episode, eh? Why the fuck was I not notified of this?! Ah well. Yep, the animation is pretty sub par in this, and it's amazing how far I've come since then. I'm not sure if I dislike this one or episode 4 more, probably this one just because episode 4 at least looks pretty :3. Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2010
9:13 PM EST