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Kirby: A Star Is Born

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Kirby will try to make his dream of becoming a star come true.

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well, this movie is featured in the many kirby collab by FlashFireEX


hey kirby dont touch sword.! sayd waddle dee
kirby: why?
wd:you will die
kirby:KILL ME WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!
wd: no!!
kirby:you will die sucker!

sword penis

Can't say I like it at all.

I'm not a large fan of pixelated films, but if it's done right, I enjoy them.

Unfortunately, your movie was not done right.

Rotating and enlarging pixels defeats the purpose of making the movie pixelated in the first place: it gives it a retro video-gamey feel. However, there are NO video games from the pixelated time period that incorporate the rotating and skewing of pixel graphics.

Now I hate people who use sprites because they can't draw anyway, but if you're intentionally drawing with pixeltool, you have absolutely no excuse not to redraw the images at a different angle rather than rotate the pixels.

The shading wasn't quite prominent enough. It looked as if you were sort of
embarrassed by your shading, so you made it overly subtle. When shading you should always have a light source in mind, and there really wasn't one in your video; the shading was all over the place, and when kirby turned around, the shading flipped with him, rather than staying on the same side. This would imply that the light was coming from behind the camera, which clearly wasn't the case, for the rocks and grass showed that the light source was coming from above. Contradictorily, the trees, like the characters, showed light coming from the left and from the right.
Also, TURN DOWN THE SATURATION WHEN YOU SHADE. I can't really tell if you may have turned it down a little (again, the prominence thing), but if you did, turn it down more next time.

Now onto the plot. Kirby goes into a montage about fame and fortune once he throws the sword up into the air, however, it later shows him dead on the rock. Although we are left to assume that the sword came down and killed him, the movie never showed the sword coming back down, and as a result, it took some thinking to piece together the ending. It should have been more straightforward. Your homage to the simpsons during the montage seemed like a bit more of a ripoff to me,
especially when Kirby says: "Wow, look at that, free water" (Wow, chocolate, half-price!)

Also, I found that kirby walking along a golden road had absolutely no relevance to fame and fortune.

Moving on to the animation itself, it was very tweeny. One thing I found especially annoying was how kirby flipped around horizontally rather than actually showing a rotation. Even a 3/4 drawing of kirby shown on one frame and flipped the next frame would have made an adequate rotation, and it would have required only one more drawing. You however, could not have been bothered to do that.

The voices were good, but the lines were pretty cheap sounding and unrealistic. The viewer is left to wonder whether the waddle-dee was misinformed, trying to trick Kirby, or in fact correct. This should come across clear from the lines alone.

I will admit that I have a tad of a bias coming from the fact that this part was originally for a collab, and then was submit solo in an attempt to rake in awards. (Isn't it weird how most of MasaAndMune's movies with awards were either resubmitted or submitted after 5:00PM on a day with very little high-scoring movies? What a strange coincidence!)

However, I do sincerely dislike this video. Thank you for your time.