Blackmail Sniper

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A Very SIMPLE Sniper game made by me in about 1 hour and a half, Yeah, My second submission

EDIT: Please Give Me Feed Back!


Lucas Roberts: Programmer, Artist, Designer, Animator.
Jude Roberts: Additional Animation.
Paul Collier: His song for the main theme: Slow Down


Although this game has potential this version is extremely undeveloped. If you're looking for a good stick sniper game I suggest the "Sift Heads" series or the new "Stick Squad." This game needs a lot of work to even be worth your time.

Really, a lot of potential here...

I really like the game mechanics. Showing a more elaborate "cut scene" as a reward for making the right target choice is very cool. I'm surprised no one has really capitalized on it before.

Now beef it up. find a good illustrator to collaborate with, or sharpen your own skills. Better doesn't have to be more complex either. You can still use stick figures if you wish and get a good result.

Music is nice, but you should have different songs for different scenes.

Moving characters would probably help. That brings back a sense of "skill" to the game. If you don't have moving characters then consider having many more target choices, so it becomes a strong puzzle game with a sniper theme.

Great effort. Can't wait for the next one. But please, take a little more time on it.

A nice short practice submission game :)

Has potential.
Things needed:
-needs background, trees, extra civilians
-the picture in the beginning of a machine gun, should be replaced with a sniper rifle :D
-Sound, nothing like hearing the bullet fire, then the sound of the head exploding
-targets farther away
-MUCH longer

Otherwise i always enjoy a sniper game :) KEEP UP THE PRACTICING

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LucasRoberts responds:

Thank you, I'll make a Follow up but improved, Remember: Blackmail Sniper 2


But there is sound...

Slightly entertaining :)

You should've added some sound to it ... but i liked it since it was an early submission :)

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2.74 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2010
8:16 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person