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Bards Apprentice

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Author Comments

This is my attempt to create a classic turn based RPG game. I think using music instruments to cast spell is a much less used idea than magic books and scrolls. And you get to hear some melody while using them too. :D Whenever you see an instrument lying around, get it quickly, it will make your fights much easier.
Hope you have fun playing Bard's Apprentice!

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Very well done!

I had a lot of fun playing your game and will be back to finish it soon. The simplicity of this style is a major part of its charm and in no way detracts from the game play. I do agree with people that some story elements added into towns or in camps/dungeons would be a nice addition and add to the flavor of the game.
A few things that i would like to see adjusted:
1. I would like dungeons to function more like camps. So give me a notice when all the baddies are dead. Also, if I leave a cleared dungeon, it would be nice if the loot I had left behind were to appear on the world map for easy pick-up. I am a pack-rat who hauls and sells almost everything in a game.
2. More inventory space. Either make the personal inventory bigger or add the classic body that you put equipment onto that would remove the gear from your backpack. I found myself not carrying ranged weapons or any of the musical instruments because it meant I couldn't pick anything up after I cleared the first few rooms in a dungeon. So I could either leave stuff behind or run in and out of the dungeon repeatedly.
3. Money is not an issue in this game. By level 10 I had more than 18000 gold. The best gear the shops sell right now goes for around 1500. Give me something else to blow my money on. Upgrades to my house, make them useful or pointless they are still fun to buy? Or just scale back the money that you find. The gear curve so far seems pretty accurate so I wouldn't change that.
4. It sucks that my house is all out of the way and crap. If it was accessible in each town, or if I could buy a house in each town along the way that would be cool so that I could save without running back around the entire map.
5. Magic Points: Give me something else to use these for. Again, I don't carry the instruments around because their benefit is too marginal for the space they take up. A fix to this is give me a healing spell: 1Mp converts to 1 or 2 Hp? Or, make it so you equip instruments, they give you a passive bonus the whole time and then you can spend Mp to make some kind of attack or more powerful effect. i.e. Drums passive +2 to ATK at all times. Spend Mp to make an attack against all adjacent enemies. Flute passive +2 to DEF. Spend Mp to make a ranged attack. Stuff like that.

These are just suggestions coming from someone who really enjoyed playing your game. Use them or don't it doesn't matter to me, but keep making games. If you make more that are as fun as this one I'll be quite happy.

ffancy responds:

Thanks for your feedback Chris. I will keep them in mind for my future games! :)

Sweet Game

Although I agree there are some things you could do to make the towns and camps more interesting(quests such as maybe a townsperson taken hostage that you have to rescue in addition to just clearing enemies) and maybe taverns with folks who give you info on surrounding areas and such (maybe a sequel since you have the basic game engine now), it still is a fun romp that reminds me of the old pc days of dungeon exploring and killing enemies. Also reminds me a bit of Dragon Warrior on the original nintendo in the eighties. Nice.


Alot better than some other games out there... It lacks animation. The graphics are a little too tiny, but that's probably due to the screen size. And there is practically no active plot, you just start in the middle of a map, and begin crushing random people. Towns could be more interesting, rather than just being shops for weapons. The main character in this game may love music, but is one sick and twisted individual...
However, I am a big fan of your turn based system, the rest of the gameplay was quite good, It's fun, theres a decent amount of variety, and the bards skills are a cool substitute for magic. All in all, I have to say, this is pretty good.

ffancy responds:

Yeah I will try to make the towns more interesting in the sequel. I am curious, why do you think the main character sick and twisted. :D


The "world map" was very laggy as was the fighting if you can fix that I'd give it a perfect score.

ffancy responds:

Hi, could you give me your spec. I will have a look.


I really love these sorts of games. But this one annoyed me so much :) I managed to pick it all up quickly, and had fun clearing the first two camps of baddies. I bought a new sword, levelled up and then went into a dungeon. I was doing well until I met a wizard outlined in red, who was basically impossible to kill. I ran out of health potions and died (I hate the way if you take a potion they then STILL hit you! so you instantly lose a good chunk of it). It then started me back from the very start again, at which point I gave up angry and wrote this review ;) Could have been awesome, but there's no way I'm going through all of that pain again.

ffancy responds:

I apologize on behalf of the red outlined wizard. :D Here are a few tip in case you decide to try again. (i know you said "no way", but hey who knows :D)

1. After the first shop, you have the option to go several different dungeons. Each dungeon has "Sword Symbols" on the world map, the color indicates the difficulty. (you should be ok with green and yellow, but red and violet is too hard) Click the HELP in the top menu to see what I mean. You probably went to a high level dungeon.

2. Combine close ranged weapon, magic and ranged weapon to defeat the more difficult enemies.

3. The red outlined enemies (Boss) is normally at the end of each dungeon, so it is better to clear the rest of the dungeons first (maybe collect some items and even a level up) before go say hello to him.

take care

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2010
6:06 PM EST