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animation stuff

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wasn't sure if i'd be able to rejoin school again, since it's hard to get back into a school once you take a leave of it. Bah. so, i did some practice on my own. It wasn't story boarded, which is obvious. The idea was to just make a spider look cute. my GF's afraid of spiders, so if i can make her sympathize with it, then i may be on to something. It's all just basic animation practice. some nice movement, but it's all meaningless since i didn't plan it out, so a story could have been developed.

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Came up short

I liked what you were going for with this. I have a phobia of spiders as well. It's such an intense reaction, though, that all rational thought or logic is abandoned as soon a spider is introduced. But I digress, I would have liked to seen this completed in full. I think a lot of what's holding you back is yourself and your need for perfection, as it is sometimes with me. You had a great idea, and as long as you can push yourself and see that idea through to the end, you have a leg up on everyone else; the ones that have ideas, but then never produce anything.

Again, this still wasn't bad, I just think you gave up too soon and sold yourself short. Keep at it!

So redo it...

U say in ur comments that it wasn't planed out, so make a plan, redo it, ad sounds and u got a great flash, this has potential. Even if ur skills may be lacking due to not being in school, make what u can.

not bad...

just needs some audio to it... the animation loops but in a way it's an idea for a story to be made... spider wakes up and then, in some way, the dream comes true.

Well Done

Are u going to come back to this and make it longer? So Much is missing and u could add more time to it. But so far its Cool