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Scrap Metal Heroes

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This game is inspired in part by classic robot building games like Armored Core and an obscure PS1 game called Carnage Heart. I've always liked building robots in games, and this kind of customization isn't often seen in strategy games, so I decided to make one that did.

There's almost 200 parts to build your robots out of, after which you go take on missions and fight in the Robo League. Battles are real-time, lane-based affairs similar to some well known flash games such as Warlords.

It's a big game with a lot of depth, but there might still be a couple bugs in there. Do let me know if you see any.


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Pretty fun! Though, as usual with these types of games, the common solution is a big defensive bot in front of a slew of long-ranged ones.


I absolutly love this game!!! Its so epic. You can have your own robots and strategy!!! :D 5 stars are not enough for this!

One of the best flash games out there, so I gave you full marks for an excellent job.
There are some things that could be improved upon, and some things that are just my personal preference:
1) The shop has all parts mingled. It would be nice if it had groupings the way the robot build page does, so it is easier to check for a new head, body, or legs. Further distinction between ranged and melee arms is a personal preference I'd like.
2) When I beat A league for the first time, it showed that I could compete with the new top player: Myself. Unfortunately I went to check shop first, and when I returned: that option wasn't there anymore. Would be interesting to battle my own bots.
3) Would be interesting to battle the bots of other players on some sort of a scoreboard.
4) A true PvP option would be interesting, but not sure you can set that up as a flash game?

It has been nearly 7 years since this game was uploaded on NewGrounds, and I think it might have been on other sites before that. Will there be updates or squeals?

I really like this game but i hate how you need expansion packs and all that sort of stuff