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Starlight Xmas

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What do you see in the Christmas sky? Find what pictures are hidden among the stars in Classic gameplay! Use your eyes and imagination to complete Puzzle gameplay!

Classic gameplay: Use your mouse to rotate stars and find a viewpoint where stars form a picture.
Puzzle Gameplay: Connect stars with lines to guess what picture is hidden and see more.

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Keep on clicking on the same star in Puzzle Mode.


Great game, only one noticable bug. In puzzle mode, sometimes lines that wouldn't work earlier in the puzzle would later. I noticed it multiple times, and it really got on my nerves sometimes


this has givin me a new hope on life

Pure creativity!

I absolutely love this game! There is so much creativity in this game. It is absolutely am hooked on this game. The second game is fun with the quiz, pro, and regular! Keep up the very good work! Once again 10-10!!!


Beautiful game that sets you in the right mood.
Even tho the right instruments were used for the music, the tune of the loopswasn´t really right for the game, it was a nice tune tho.

Great work and this is something that will go to my favourites.
thank u and Merry xmas